‘Paradise Hotel’ Spoilers and Update: Trouble in Paradise For Hans Wiener

Paradise Hotel spoilers show things heating up quick. Personalities are already clashing. Alliances are forming. And new guys arrived to throw off the dynamic. The guys thought they dodged a bullet. They chose Kyle aka Big Red to join the cast. The girls were going crazy over Jair. Monday night’s mini episode revealed America used their votes to add Jair to the mix. Hans Wiener and Brittany Campbell started off strong. But there’s already trouble in paradise for the reality couple.

Paradise Hotel Spoilers: It’s Trouble in Paradise For Hans

On the new Fox reboot of Paradise Hotel, Hans Wiener was first to arrive. He quickly aligned with fellow cast mate Brittany Campbell. But it was only after she threw bunk mate Bobby Ray under the bus. Rosanna Cecconi who’s got her own alliance and love connection with Tyler Berta, doesn’t trust Hans. So, she pulls Brittany aside and tells her he’s a snake in the grass. And fake.

Paradise Hotel spoilers showed Hans gets wind of this and pulls Rosanna aside. However she’s having none of it. So, Hans cries to Brittany about his past and trust issues. Brittany is willing to stick with him. Moreover, host Kristin Cavallari arrives to drop the bomb that Jair will join the Paradise Hotel cast. And that he and newbie Kyle can choose two girls for a day long double date. Tatum Smith is now coupled with Bobby Ray. Bobby is threatened by the new guys. Especially Jair. Of course the guys choose Tatum and Kendall G as dates.

Tatum Plays Jair on Paradise Hotel

On Paradise Hotel, Bobby Ray tells his fears to Tatum. Nevertheless Tatum says they are solid. She offers to play Jair. He admitted to a weakness for blondes. So, after getting him to choose her at check out, she’ll save Bobby Ray. Rosanna and Tyler form an alliance with Rosanna and Tyler. As the couples drink that night, David Barta pulls a prank and pulls a tipsy Mariaelena Perez’s chair out. Mariaelena takes a fall. Of course she’s very upset.

On the double dates, Tatum certainly has no trouble playing Jair. Things certainly go a bit slower with Kyle and Kendall G. Tatum returns to tell Bobby Ray what happened. And that she kissed Jair. Of course this makes Bobby Ray insecure. Certainly Bobby Ray trusts Tatum . It’s all a game to get the Philly native checked out of the Paradise Hotel. 

Kristin Cavallari Weighs In On The Guests

Things continue to get worse for Hans on Paradise Hotel. He snaps at Brittany over a joke at dinner. The gang plays drunken spin the bottle. Kendall gets the most action. So, Hans tries to kiss Kendall after David says no more for Kendall. Of course, he waits till David goes to the rest room and plants one on her. David confronts Hans and the two argue. Host Kristin arrives with a twist…. Jair is immune at checkout ceremony tonight. Certainly this puts Bobby Ray at risk.

Can Bobby Ray trust Tatum? If she goes back on the plan then he could be sent packing. Everyone is annoyed with Hans. After his behavior with Brittany and David will she send him packing? Cavallari weighs in on a few of the guests. She thinks Carlos Garcia is definitely playing the game. And doesn’t trust anything he says. She also thinks Hans should lay off the wiener-isms. And that Bobby Ray should quit referring to himself in 3rd person! Tune into tonight and Thursday for more Paradise Hotel.

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