‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby – Update from Eye Surgery Doctor

OutDaughtered‘s Hazel Busby went on an important visit to the eye doctor. On her checkups, she and her parents Danielle Busby and Adam Busby learn whether things are going well or if she needs eye surgery.

OutDaughtered: Sweet Hazel Busby Staying Positive

When Hazel Busby was still very young, the doctors recommended surgery. The topic was one that caused grief between TLC’s Danielle and Adam of OutDaughtered. But finally, they both decided it was time to get the eye surgery.

To make sure there are no complications or further need for surgery, Hazel has to see the doctor regularly. Her original doctor moved, but she’s been seeing the new medical professional for a while now. And it seems like the family now trusts the new doctor despite early concerns.

Once OutDaughtered star Hazel Busby started to figure out why she was going to the appointment, she wasn’t as happy. But now she’s gotten used to it. And her parents do a good job of making her feel like it’s a special day.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Everything Checks Out

The biggest thing Hazel’s doctor looks out for is her head turns. The worse her head turn is, the worse it is on her neck. If she turns her head too much, it could cause serious problems and pain.

Making sure her null point isn’t moving is a must. Danielle and husband Adam shared that the checkup went well. Fans of OutDaughtered are happy that Hazel Busby to hear the news. One of the fans said, “Hazel, please stop growing up so fast. She’s too cute.”

From the last season, everyone was concerned because of her virtual doctor visit. Despite a good checkup, fans look forward to seeing the new season of OutDaughtered to learn more. They will likely go more in-depth about how her eyes are doing during the taping of the new season.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered: Hazel Gets Her Gumbo

Hazel Busby’s parents say she has some Louisianan in her because of her love of gumbo. Hazel wants gumbo for dinner? She gets gumbo. Since Hazel was the smallest of the quints, she does get a little extra attention.

Everyone knows it—from being OutDaughtered cast member Uncle Dale Mills’ favorite to everyone commenting on her beautiful red locks. Hazel Basil is such a sweetheart that no one can resist her adorableness. Hopefully, she won’t have to go through any more surgeries soon.

While her glasses do help her to some extent, they aren’t likely to be a long-term fix. She may have had to get an updated prescription on her glasses. As her symptoms change, Hazel Busby’s doctor changes them out as needed. But everyone agrees, her glasses make her so cute. Even Adam says she looks like an adorable little old lady.

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