‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Family Fakes Parker’s Birthday?

OutDaughtered‘s Busby family has five birthdays in one since they have quints. But recently, some of the family decided to give Parker Busby a birthday party on a different day.

OutDaughtered: Happy Birthday Parker Busby

Adam Busby said that the girls wanted to give Parker Busby a birthday party. They had a lot of fun playing pretend, and one of the things they wanted to do was a fake birthday party for Parker. Part of the time, she said she was turning 3, and the other part of the time she said she was turning 2.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle said they got donuts and the girls ate on them all day. And it sounded like they had a lot of fun, but the girls wanted to throw something else fun in. Having a birthday party for Parker Busby was perfect for their play day

They had gold star balloons and put happy birthday on a plate with a donut that had candles on it. The sisters took the plate to Parker from OutDaughtered. She wore a princess outfit and blew out the candles, which looked like a lot of fun.

OutDaughtered: Busby

Parker Busby Enjoys Playtime with the Family

OutDaughtered star Parker Busby had a good time pretending it was her birthday. The rest of the family played along perfectly and even kept up with the age she pretended to be. Fans noticed Parker is coming out of her shell a lot more.

Parker and the rest of the girls had a great time eating the donuts. And the princess quint accepted all of the birthday wishes from her sisters. Fans of OutDaughtered said it was adorable to see them goofing off and celebrating the faux birthday.

OutDaughtered star Parker Busby usually doesn’t say too much. So, it was nice to see her as the focus of the family while she had a great time. TLC fans said they noticed she is taking on more than she normally does, but that might have to do with her age.

OutDaughtered: Parker Busby

OutDaughtered: Fun Despite the Pandemic

Parker Busby isn’t letting the pandemic keep her down. In fact, Danielle Busby enrolled her and Hazel Busby in ballet. And Danielle said it seems like Parker from OutDaughtered really enjoys going to classes.

Danielle said the class they go to is both tap dancing and ballet. And that she never went to dance class, so she didn’t know what all they needed for their classes. Olivia Busby and Ava Busby thought they wanted to do dance, but it wasn’t right for them.

OutDaughtered star Parker Busby did a lot of cool things throughout the pandemic. They still go out to eat, and they even traveled out of town a few times. During Thanksgiving, they went to a cabin with family, and they also went to Williamsburg, where Parker did the rope course and zip line.

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