‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Takes Quints on a Sugary Celebration

OutDaughtered’s Adam Busby is always doing something fun with the kids. And after celebrating their first day back in school—Adam strikes again.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Just Wants to Have Fun

Recently, Danielle Busby, Adam’s wife, said he is always doing something fun when he hangs out with the girls. In fact, Danielle of OutDaughtered said when they divide and conquer, he usually does something fun. And she does some sort of errand. And that leads the girls to feel like Dad is more fun.

So, she took her part of the crew to have sonic ice cream after going shopping for a big haul of groceries. She had Blayke Busby and two of the quints, so at least three of the kids know mom is fun. But we’ve seen Adam take the kids to the aquarium restaurant and now he’s got them all sugared up.

We’ve learned from OutDaughtered that he doesn’t like to discipline. He said when he gets home from work, he doesn’t want to be the mean parent. And it looks like things haven’t changed.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

The Busby Quints Enjoyed Their First Week

The quints of TV series OutDaughtered just went back to school at the beginning of the week. And everyone wanted to see how the quints liked their first week of K-12.

According to the quints, the school days went great. And they said they enjoyed their time there. The reason OutDaughtered star Blayke wasn’t with them was because she’s going to public school. And the public schools don’t start in-person for another few weeks.

Adam and his wife Danielle from OutDaughtered decided to send the quints to a school that is private due to the current conditions. But it is unclear if they are going to continue to send their children to school there next year when the pandemic isn’t an issue.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby

OutDaughtered: Sugaring It Up With Adam

When Adam Busby of OutDaughtered went to pick up the quints, they had to make a stop on the way home. Where did they go? Well, to Bucees, of course. They stopped in at the convenience store, and Adam let the girls pick out some sugary sweets.

There was only one mishap that Adam caught on camera. And that was when Hazel Busby dropped her slushy in the floor—and splattered it on Adam’s leg. Adam Busby said, “Oh, no, Hazel,” and went about taking care of the situation calmly.

Some of the other girls opted to get candy instead, and others got ice cream. Bedtime is likely to be pretty interesting with all of that sugar.

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