‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Dad-Shamed After Blayke Dives off Roof – See Daring Jump Inside

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby faced another round of dad-shaming online. The TLC celeb was targeted online over Blayke Busby’s daring stunt. But it seems the criticism doesn’t bother Danielle Busby’s husband anymore. Here’s the latest on the adorable family.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Busby Family Enjoys Pool Day

Earlier this week, Adam Busby along with his brood enjoyed a fun day at the pool. The OutDaughtered star shared a glimpse of his bonding moment with his six daughters — Blayke, Riley, Ava, Parker, Hazel, and Olivia. It looked like the whole clan had a blast as they enjoyed swimming.

This is not the first time Adam Busby and the girls spent time outdoors amid a global pandemic. A couple of weeks ago, They spent the night at Surfside Beach, Texas. Prior to that, Adam and Riley Busby dropped by a local lawn equipment store. In his defense, Adam Busby pointed out that restrictions in Texas are now partially lifted. Plus, they still practice safety measures to keep everyone in the family safe. Many health experts agree that outside in the sun is safe if done correctly.

OutDaughtered: Adam - Danielle - Blayke - Riley - Ava - Parker - Hazel - Olivia Busby

Adam Busby Criticized Over Blayke Busby’s Roof Diving

But Adam Busby’s latest outing with his family was met with yet another criticism on his parenting. Online trolls called out the OutDaughtered celeb for letting Blayke Busby do what some considered a dangerous act. In a video shared by Adam, the oldest Busby daughter was with her cousin, Kenzie.

The two girls were standing on top of the roof adjacent to the pool. Blayke Busby and Kenzie Mills then made a daring jump off the roof, landing straight to the pool. Blayke Busby even repeated the stunt on her own, with Adam Busby cheering on the background.

OutDaughtered: Blayke’s Fearless Dive Draws Mixed Reactions

Apparently, some think diving off the roof is too dangerous, especially for someone as young as Blayke Busby. Others think that OutDaughtered celebrity Adam Busby is being too lax to his girls as he allowed such activities. However, there were some who think otherwise.

While some were critical of Blayke Busby’s dive with Kenzie, others find nothing wrong with it. They pointed out that the roof wasn’t that high and that both girls know how to swim. Others noted that adults supervised the girls at the pool so it’s relatively safe. The roofline looks lower than many high-dive boards at public pools and it extends over the water so there is no chance of hitting the side of the pool.

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Adam Not New to Dad-Shaming

Despite the apparent dad-shaming, Adam Busby doesn’t appear bothered at all. The OutDaughtered father seemed so used to it by now that he’s no longer taking it seriously.

The last time Danielle Busby’s spouse reacted to critics was when he got called out for anger issues. This is after he threw one of the quints’ tricycles out of frustration. Adam said that what the haters are saying says more about them, then him.

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