‘Obesity Med’: James Reevier Drops Almost 300 Lbs – Shows Off New Body in Spandex

Obesity Med star James Reevier revealed a massive 300-pound weight loss, but that’s not all he’s showing off now. He also revealed his ultimate goal – and it’s to wear red spandex.

Obesity Med: James Reevier Talks Weight Gain

James Reevier talked about how he struggled with his size his entire life. He says he grew up with his grandparents and that his grandmother would always make “backwoods” meals. Then, on Obesity Med, he said this meant she cooked with a lot of oil and lard.

Also, the portions would always be huge. So, James was always bigger than everyone else in his life. Next, he says he owns the word “fat.” Then, he says remembers having to have special desks in school because he couldn’t fit in the regular desks.

James said he was always bullied in school because of his size. Then, James Reevier says that being obese is killing him. Next, he admits on Obesity Med that he’s currently borderline diabetic.

Obesity Med: James Reevier

Struggling Dad Finally Gets Help

On Obesity Med, James Reevier is visiting Dr. Bo to get life-saving surgery. Plus, we’ll see that he and Dr. Bo have a past together. So, James talked about how Dr. Bo is the only person to stick up for him when he’s getting bullied.

Plus, James greets his Obesity Med surgeon with a giant bear hug that picks him up off of the ground. After chatting for a while, Dr. Bo gives his patient a small goal. This is in hopes of shrinking James’ liver. If he does that, he can finally get the operation he needs to save his life.

Obesity Med: James Reevier

Obesity Med: James Reevier Drops in Size – Shimmies into Spandex

It turns out that James had a successful surgery. But, that’s not all he’s happy about. The Obesity Med success story’s excited about all of the new things that he’s able to do with his body. James Reevier reveals that it’s easier for him to get up and move around now.

Also on Obesity Med, he says he’s having an easier time getting active with his children. He also said he feels like a wonderful dad because of how much he’s able to interact with his children now. But, that’s not the only goal for James on Obesity Med.

James discussed that his biggest goal after losing pounds is to wear red spandex. He admitted that, at his largest, he weighed 480 pounds. But now, he dropped 170 pounds in one year. He said it feels amazing now that he dropped from a size 7x in shirts down to a 1x.

Now, despite all of the extra skin he’s carrying, that bothers James Reevier, he’s still proud of being able to wear his flashy spandex dream outfit. You can see above how happy he looks.

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