‘Obesity Med’: Amy Freaks Fans – Worried About Her Daughter

Obesity Med star Amy Lujan is freaking out her TLC fans, because of the poor health that her daughter Victoria is in.

Amy realizes that if she doesn’t change her ways, her daughter is going to start going down the same path as she is.

Obesity Med: Amy Lujan Dangerous Health Update

Obesity Med celeb Amy Lujan shares that at her last weigh-in, she weighed 619 pounds at 33 years old. She’s the single provider for her daughter, her mother, and her sister.

Amy Lujan says that she’s struggled with her weight her whole life. But, she never thought that her weight was going to bother her when she got older. But, after splitting up with her daughter’s father, Amy says that she gained a lot of weight.

Obesity Med: Amy Lujan

TLC Fans Grow Concerned for Daughter

Obesity Med celebrity Amy Lujan is a single mom and works as an admission supervisor at a hospital. One of the people that she takes care of is her only daughter. Her daughter is Victoria and is currently in Kindergarten. But, the pre-school girl Victoria weighs around 125 pounds.

Amy Lujan admits that the things that her daughter has to worry about aren’t what a regular six-year-old has to worry about. Amy talks about how Victoria is open about how she’s afraid of her mother dying.

But, that isn’t the only thing that TLC’s Obesity Med star Victoria talks to her mother about. Victoria also says she doesn’t want to be fat either. And Amy says this makes her feel guilty because she feels like Victoria’s weight problem is her fault.

Many people are talking about Victoria’s weight and accusing Amy of abusing her child. They say that her mistreatment of Victoria is what’s causing the little girl to be dangerously unhealthy.

Obesity Med: Victoria Lujan

Obesity Med: Amy Lujan Tries to Teach Daughter Independence

Obesity Med TLC celeb Amy Lujan says that she’s trying to teach her daughter how to cook. This is because she wants her daughter to become independent and know how to do things by herself.

Amy says her reasoning for this is because she’s afraid she isn’t going to be here one day. So, she’s hoping that her daughter will learn how to do things by herself. This is so that Victoria won’t struggle through life and she won’t “take it as hard.”

Despite Obesity Med personality Amy struggling to lose weight herself, Victoria isn’t giving up on her mother. Victoria says that her mom is going “a great job.” Also, Victoria talks about how much she loves her mother.

And that’s not the only time that Victoria shows how deeply she cares about her mom. As Amy Lujan starts to drop a few pounds, Victoria bursts out in tears. Victoria says she’s crying because she’s so proud of her mom for losing weight.

And even though the gastric bypass surgeon warned Amy to help Victoria lose weight, it doesn’t look like she’s lost much. But, the mother says that she and Victoria are meal planning together. This is in hopes that this mom and daughter duo is able to lose a few pounds together.

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