‘My Feet Are Killing Me’: Dr Brad Schaeffer’s Foot Fixes Will Curl Your Toes [Video]

My Feet Are Killing Me debuts on TLC Thursday night as Dr. Brad Schaeffer‘s first case seems to prove the viewer advisory is no exaggeration. A few of the scenes might not sit right for the faint of heart.

WARNING: Images Below are graphic – Read at Your Own Risk!

My Feet Are Killing Me: You Will Not Believe What Can Grow Out of a Foot

The stars of this new TLC series, Dr. Brad Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent open up the first episode of My Feet Are Killing Me with a few rare cases. One of the first things the My Feet Are Killing Me viewer might notice is the doctors and their approach to patients.

The empathy the surgeons demonstrate proves the bedside manner is still alive and well. My Feet Are Killing Me also reminds viewers that a doctor’s approach to the patients is just as important as new the high-tech instruments they use.

You get to meet some ordinary people with extraordinary problems with their feet. My Feet Are Killing Me runs the gamut from cosmetic fixes of the foot to life-saving foot surgeries.

Unless you work in the medical field dealing with feet, you will probably walk away stunned. It is astonishing what can grow from a human foot, including some very funky-looking toenails. In one case, Brad Schaeffer tackles neglected toenails that fused together.

My Feet Are Killing Me: Foot Problems


Patient Offers Viewer Warning Before His Feet Hit the Screen

The show is graphic, even a patient warns you that you might lose your lunch before his feet emerge. Viewers find out that the patient wasn’t exaggerating, once My Feet Are Killing Me reveals his feet.

Many reasons exist for the people who show up at the doctor’s office with their feet in such a deteriorated condition. A good number of the patients walk into the office of Dr. Ebonie Vincent and Dr. Brad Schaeffer after seeing several specialists.

But the problem is unresolved and they still seek a cure for what ails them. That’s where Brad Schaeffer and his colleague Ebonie Vincent’s specialty comes into play. They specialize in rare cases. Still, a few patients show up after years of neglecting their feet.

From growths the size of a baseball to six toes on each foot, the first episode keeps the viewer’s interest. My Feet Are Killing Me also opens your eyes to how your feet could actually kill you. Especially if the infections, like the ones seen in the episode, go untreated.

My Feet Are Killing Me: Horrific Sights Also Bring Horrendous Smells

Ebonie Vincent shares with My Feet Are Killing Me, viewers, that this work also involves another one of the five senses. The sense of smell. She mentions how some of the infections smell a bit like roadkill. So the doctors endure some rancid odors as well as grotesque sights.

TLC is known for pushing the envelope for drama when it comes to reality TV shows. While this show offers graphic sights, it also offers hope to a lot of people out there suffering from foot problems.

Will the promise of horrific foot problems entice an average TV viewer to tune-in to My Feet Are Killing Me? It looks like TLC is about to find out as the show debuts Thursday night, January 5, on TLC at 10 PM.

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