‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Wins Big at Weight Lifting Competition

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore won big at her state weight lifting competition. She hasn’t been weight lifting for long. But, that didn’t stop her from going against seasoned lifters. Before getting on the mat, Whitney struggled to stay out of her head. But, she was able to pull off impressive lifts. Whitney had the support of her family and friends in the crowd. To her surprise, she even brought home a medal.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Preps for State Championship

Whitney Thore prepared with her coach for months before participating in the North Carolina State Weight Lifting Championship. However, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star was afraid that she wouldn’t be ready to compete. Since she felt like her coach was only focusing on her form. Instead of focusing on building her strength. Whitney was used to focusing on the weight when training with her personal trainer, Jessica Powell.

Days before the competition, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb started to doubt herself. Whitney Thore feared that she would struggle to compete. She was aware that she is an amateur. But, she wanted to at least meet her standards. She felt like she might make a fool of herself. Especially since she will be around people who have been weight lifting for longer than she has.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

Whitney Struggles during Competition

On the day of the competition, Whitney Thore woke herself up with a pep talk. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality celeb still had a fear of failing. But, she put her fears aside and started to focus on lifting weights. Although, Whitney didn’t see anyone of her stature during the warms up. She wasn’t sure if she belonged there or not. However, she told herself that the only person she is competing with is herself.

At first, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum was getting inside of her head. Whitney Thore felt like competing in front of everyone was intimidating. But, she was able to ignore her family and friends that were in the crowd. Despite struggling on a few of her lifts, Whitney was able to pull off many successful ones. She even beat her own personal record.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

MBFFL TLC Celeb Took Home a Medal

Whitney Thore was able to clear two out of the three snatch lifts. Her last attempt was disqualified due to movement in her arm. Whitney also had three attempts at a clean and jerk lift. She has done many of these in the past with Jessica Powell. Yet, she wasn’t able to clear her second attempt at 88lbs. But, her coach decided to up the weight on her third attempt anyways. In the end, Whitney was able to clear the lift at 90lbs. Beating her personal record.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb also got some unexpected news after competing. When it came to the award ceremony, Whitney Thore was shocked to hear her name called. She came in second place for her weight class. Taking home a much-deserved medal. Now with the competition out of the way, Whitney has her eyes set on her trip to Paris.

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