‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Upsets Chase Severino with Modern Decision

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Thore rarely does anything traditional, and she didn’t break form on the new season of MBFFL. Chase Severino shared he was upset over a potential decision Whitney would make about their marriage.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Plans Her Wedding

On the newest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore is still with Chase Severino. It seems like things are going well, but they still didn’t live together. In fact, the long-distance relationship was causing a few problems.

When Chase Severino did come to see Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, he seemed a little frustrated. They talked about wedding hashtags, and he didn’t like it when Buddy Bell dropped comments about it. In fact, he said he thought Buddy should leave the conversation.

Chase and Buddy butted heads in the past season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. And there were even some things that didn’t go well at the tell-all for the TLC show. But it was Whitney Thore that truly upset Chase.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore - Chase Severino

Whitney Doesn’t Want to Take Chase Severino’s Last Name

Whitney Thore’s friend Ashley Baynes suggested they do #thorenomore. But Whitney said she would still have her name, and Chase Severino didn’t look happy about that. Ashely said she thought that might be the case.

It seems like My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Chase Severino wants a more traditional marriage. Fans of the show don’t think Chase knew Whitney Thore well enough before asking her to marry him. In fact, he should have known to ask about the name thing.

It does seem like they talked about it before. It was a hot button topic for the former MBFFL couple. Viewers said they smelled dissatisfaction on Chase and that the breakup didn’t surprise them at all.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Goodbye Happily Ever After

After being engaged for a while and still not moving in together, Whitney felt a little impatient. Chase got a job managing a bar in his hometown, and he didn’t come over very much. Viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life said that sounded like a problem.

Finally, after being away from each other because of the quarantine, Chase had some news. Since they couldn’t meet in person due to the lockdown, Whitney convinced him to tell her the news over the phone.

The news was that Chase cheated on Whitney Thore and got another girl pregnant. The news crushed Whitney, and she couldn’t believe what she heard. But some fans still believe the producers wrote a script and pay Chase Severino to fake their relationship. So far, producers nor Whitney admit any of the show has a script.

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