‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Switching Teams?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore took to social media to share a picture of the lady that fans think shows she’s switching teams. The pic is of herself and a dog named Lola. Whitney is known for her love for cats, now she is cuddling with Lola to dog. Fans may be shocked to see Whitney with a dog. But, they also found it shocking that she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Update: Whitney Thore Cuddles with Dog Lola

As shown on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore loves her cats. She currently has three cats, Ollie, Wanda and Henchi. Out of all three, Henchi has a special place in Whitney’s heart. She adopted Henchi while she was teaching English in South Korea. So, it was devastating for Whitney when she thought Henchi had cancer. Luckily, Henchi doesn’t have cancer and is fine.

However, it seems like the My Big Fat Fabulous Life alum might be jumping ship on her crazy cat lady status. Whitney Thore recently shared a picture of herself cuddling with her friend’s dog, Lola. She wrote in the caption, “BRB, becoming a dog person.” Could Whitney be switching to Team Dog?


TLC Star Whitney Thore Addresses Missing Engagement Ring

Whitney Thore got engaged to Chase Severino late last year during a trip to Paris. When Whitney broke the news of her engagement she showed off the big rock on her ring finger. Now when she shares post with My Big Fat Fabulous Life followers, the attention goes straight to her bling. So, when fans didn’t see the ring on her finger they were quick to point it out.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member didn’t want to leave fans thinking the worst. So, moments after posting the picture she made an edit to the caption. Whitney Thore said that she isn’t wearing the ring Chase Severino gave her since she was getting a massage. She wrote in the caption, “my two rings (including that one) are in the bathroom.” But, fans were also pointing out that she was missing something else. Her clothes.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Admire Her Confidence

Whitney Thore isn’t the type of person to hide her body. She has taken to the internet numerous times to share pictures of her curves. The picture of the TLC celeb and her new dog bestie is no different. Fans were wondering why she isn’t wearing much. She wrote, “y’all I’m undressed in my friend’s house about to get massages.”

Although, not everyone was questioning her lack of clothes. Some My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans admired how confident Whitney Thore is to show off her body. One fan wrote, “I wish I was as confident as you are. I don’t like to see myself in my skippies.” Another fan said, “Thanks for bringing us such positivity and self-love.” It is not clear if she is switching to the dog side. But, one thing is for sure. She looks confident in her “skippies.”

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