‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Still Wants to Get Married?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life‘s Whitney Thore recently went through a botched engagement. Does she still want to get married or if she ready to give up on the idea?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Update: Whitney Thore Sour On Love

Not long ago, Whitney Thore told fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life that she was not dating. And it doesn’t sound like she has any people in mind, either. In fact, Whitney may be a little sour when it comes to love.

Fans can’t blame Whitney for not being excited about getting back into a relationship. After all, her last fiance, Chase Severino is having a baby with someone else. That can’t be good for the old ego or confidence that we know Whitney Thore for.

It does not appear as if Whitney of TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life has given up on the idea of marriage altogether. As a matter of fact, recently, she shared a tip list of how to get a guy to notice you. And she pointed out that crying softly alone in a corner did not work for her in the past.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life - Whitney Thore - Buddy Bell

Finding the Perfect Marriage Material?

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life think that Whitney might just be waiting to find the perfect partner. Not long ago, when she shared her dating status, she also shared about kids. She said with her POCS and lack of a man, it’s likely she isn’t going to have any of her own children.

Even adoption doesn’t seem like it’s on the table for Whitney Thore. We saw her go to the adoption agency once with her good friend Tal in a previous season. And there were a lot of roadblocks that kept Whitney from adopting. But one of the big things was that she was a single woman.

It seems if Whitney wants to have her dream of being a mom, she needs to find a husband to go through the process with her. Maybe Whitney Thore will try some of the other tips for getting a man to talk to you. She hasn’t had very good luck with picking a good guy, so fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life hope it goes better for her this time.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore - Chase Severino

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Getting Back In the Dating Game?

We’ve seen Whitney Thore do a lot of interesting things. But My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans are ready to see TLC’s Whitney back in the game. Despite her confirmation of a lack of dating, everyone hopes she will start soon. The whole pandemic does make it a little difficult with the need to be six feet apart.

With her close friendship to Buddy Bell, people think it is going to be hard for her to get a man to talk to her. They are always all over each other, and it does look like they are in a relationship—even when they say that they aren’t.

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