‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Thore Spills Her Bad Habits

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore recently opened up about her bad habits. There is more to her than what is shown on the show. And, Whitney wants viewers to know more about her real life.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Talks about Procrastination

Whitney Thore is coming clean about her bad habit of being a procrastinator. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member said it can get “really bad” when she puts things off. However, she hasn’t always been a procrastinator. Whitney said that it wasn’t a “problem” until she was in her adult years. When she was younger, she had influences giving her the push. But, once she was in college, she became more responsible for herself, and that’s when her bad habit of procrastinating started.

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life reality star is also a perfectionist, which doesn’t help her procrastination issues. Whitney Thore said that she tends to want everything to be perfect before she can start something. So, if the “conditions” aren’t ideal, she’ll put the task off. However, Whitney knows that not everything can be perfect. So, she has a hard time starting things. But, once she’s in the groove, she succeeds at whatever the task is.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

Whitney Reveals She’s a Smoker

Whitney Thore also revealed another bad habit of hers. She said that she was a smoker for most of her life. Whitney picked up the nasty habit at around the age of sixteen and smoked until the age of twenty. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life castmate then decided to quit and didn’t pick up a cigarette for almost five years. However, she got back into the bad habit, but she wasn’t smoking the typical cigarettes. Back in 2016, Whitney switched to smoking e-cigarettes.

However, Whitney Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life seems to be putting her bad habit in the past once again. She ditched the e-cigarettes early last year. After smoking on and off for many years, she said that she doesn’t think she’ll ever do it again. Whitney seems to be focusing more on her health these days. And, being a smoker isn’t healthy.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celeb Shares Biggest Misconception

Whitney Thore also spoke about the biggest misconception fans have about her. She gets a lot of comments from viewers saying that she makes everything about herself in every episode. Whitney said that the answer is “really easy,” it’s because it’s her show. She believes that every TV series has a main character, and for her show, it’s her. So, it’s no surprise that viewers will see everything as it relates to her.

However, that’s not the case in the My Big Fat Fabulous Life TLC star’s real life. Whitney Thore said that she is not the center of everyone’s world as it is portrayed in the show. She is usually the one who is helping her friends with their problems and celebrating their special occasions. But, since the episodes are about Whitney, viewers don’t see that side of her life.

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