‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Whitney Thore Opens Up To Buddy Bell About Feeling Lonely

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers show Whitney Thore opens up to Buddy Bell about feeling lonely. Whitney invited Buddy on her BGDC Tour to give him some time away from Greensboro, NC. This would give him time to think about where he wants to live when he returns. Buddy has already brought up the idea of having his new girlfriend, Chelsea and her daughter move to Greensboro. Whitney sees that Buddy is happy with Chelsea and this reminds her just how lonely she feels.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Whitney Thore Ready To Meet “The One”

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has been unlucky in her past relationships. Finding someone has been hard for her. Her past relationships never seemed to last long enough to feel like they were “the one.” She never seemed to feel ready to take the next step in her relationships. There is always something that comes up that ends the relationship. Whitney explains that dating for someone like her is hard. However, Whitney Thore is not ready to give up.


My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal Whitney Thore tears up when she tells Buddy Bell that she really wants to meet someone. However, she feels like that is never going to happen for her. She admits to feeling lonely for a very long time. Her emotions show just how much she wants to find love and be able to start a family.

Buddy Bell Comforts Whitney

Buddy Bell has been friends with Whitney Thore for a very long time. He has seen her in great relationships. Buddy has also been there for her when those relationships ended. He wants to see Whitney happy. Buddy will do whatever he can to comfort her. He wants to make sure that she knows he will always be there for her.

More My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers show Buddy Bell comforts Whitney when she opens up about feeling lonely. He wants her to know that everything will be alright. If something is meant to be it will happen. It may take time, but the right person for Whitney Thore is out there.

Whitney is Envious Of Buddy’s New Relationship

The My Big Fat Fabulous Life celeb admits that she is envious of Buddy’s new relationship with Chelsea. She expresses that he made falling in love look so easy. For Whitney it is not that easy. She fears that she will never find love. She is happy for him and his new relationship. However, this reminds her that she is alone and feeling lonely.

Buddy Bell and Chelsea seem to be taking the next step in their relationship. Buddy has already expressed that he would marry Chelsea. However, the next step they have decided to take in their relationship is to move in with each other. He is moving his girlfriend and her daughter to Greensboro. He now has to find a place for Chelsea and her daughter to live.

Buddy Bell went from being a recovering drug addict to becoming a father figure to a little girl in a short period of time. He may be happy in this relationship, but is it the right timing?

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