‘My 600-lb Life’: Penny Saeger Dead?

My 600-lb Life fans are freaking out over the latest update about Penny Saeger. After concerns surfacing online, many people are wondering if Penny died.

My 600-lb Life: Penny Saeger Struggles for Better Health

Penny Saeger from My 600-lb Life is famous for her negative attitude throughout the entire episode she was featured on. During the filming of her season two episode, she lives in Elkton, Maryland.

While starring in the My 600-lb Life episode, Penny wasn’t quiet about all of the health problems she struggles with. Also, many fans are aware of her journey because she’s one story featured that doesn’t end in success.

At the start of her journey on My 600-lb Life, Penny Saeger weighs 530 pounds. However, over the course of one year, she manages to lose 35 pounds. This puts her lowest weight at 495 pounds. Even Dr. Nowzaradan’s strict monitoring and medical help weren’t enough to help her get her health back on track.

My 600-lb Life: Penny Saeger

Celeb Doesn’t Help Herself

When first admitted to the hospital on My 600-lb Life, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan reveals that Penny Saeger’s BMI is over 87%. After sharing this news, he tells her that she needs to stick to a strict 1,200 calories a day diet plan to save her life. Also, he warns that if she doesn’t work hard to make changes in her diet, she’ll die.

But, Penny on My 600-lb Life doesn’t take the steps she needs to save her own life. While she was able to drop nearly 40-lb under close monitoring, she isn’t able to keep the weight off. Also, she ends up losing enough for approval for surgery.

However, when left to manage her size by herself, she wasn’t successful. Penny Saeger on My 600-lb Life ends up receiving gastric bypass surgery. But, after getting the surgery, she doesn’t stick to the diet. Also, she refuses to get up to exercise. Plus, she’s caught sneaking food into her room after getting the operation.

My 600-lb Life: Penny Saeger

My 600-lb Life: Penny Saeger Dead?

Dr. Nowzaradan from My 600-lb Life accuses Penny Saeger of being delusional and warns her that she needs to work on getting rid of food addiction. Even the latest update of Penny isn’t showing she’s making progress with her journey. She says she isn’t losing weight because she’s bed-bound.

This lack of progress makes a lot of individuals upset because the money for her operation’s donated by her neighbors and friends. Recently, many fans are talking about how Penny’s died. However, Penny’s still alive. She currently lives in North East, Maryland, and lives in her bed.

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