‘MTV The Challenge’: Amanda Garcia Speaks Out About Cruel Prank Not Viewed On Show

MTV’s The Challenge contestant Amanda Garcia breaks her silence on a cruel prank. According to the veteran player some of her fellow cast mates played a prank on her that was not light and fun. Currently, the season entitled War of the Worlds is airing on MTV but production has left the prank out of the episode.

The way MTV handled the situation left Amanda disgusted. Some of the other contestants on her season including BB’s Da’Vonne Rogers and Paulie Calafiore spoke up in her defense.

The Challenge: Kyle Christie, Johnny Bananas, and Theo Campbell Prank Amanda Garcia

Three of The Challenge’s contestants played a prank on Amanda Garcia. She and even some of the other players did not find the prank amusing. Johnny Bananas, Kyle Christie, and Theo Campbell taped the woman’s mouth shut. The guys might have seen it as a harmless prank but Amanda said it was not the cheap “dollar store tap,” and got stuck in her hair.

According to Da’Vonne Rogers, the three decided to tape Amanda’s mouth shut because she was bad-mouthing them. But the prank seemed a little more extreme than necessary. The end result was a lot of hair being pulled out of Amanda Garcia’s head.

Amanda Garcia Calls MTV and The Challenge Out For ‘Disgusting’ Behavior

Originally, Amanda Garcia was going to let the whole thing go when the prank did not air. Then Da’Vonne Rogers described what parts of the prank she witnessed in a YouTube video and Amanda briefly touched on the subject. She said she did not want things to escalate and that she has moved on.

But then she tweeted again because MTV had apparently threatened her with legal action for speaking on the subject. Amanda also said that they went to the media and lied about it. Especially when she was not aggressive about the situation. The reality star said that she is done with the network after this season.

The Challenge News: Da’Vonne Rogers Heard Amanda Garcia Crying

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Da’Vonne Rogers describes the aftermath of the prank gone wrong. She said she heard Amanda crying, “stop, stop!” The The Challenge player had gotten the tape off of her face but it was still stuck all in her hair by the time Da’Vonne found her.

Da’Vonne offered to help her get the tape off by soaking her hair in conditioner but still it was pulling out strands of hair. The BB star said the situation, “wasn’t cool,” and that, “they owe her an apology.” Although she did not think the guys did it to bully her, the result almost had Amanda opting to go home until Da’ talked her out of it.


Big Brother’s Paulie Calafiore Calls The Situation ‘A Little Disturbing’

In an Instagram live, Paulie Calafiore called the whole thing, “a little disturbing.” He also said that the entire thing was not cool and admitted that Amanda Garcia was crying after the whole thing. Causing controversy on the show is what Paulie is known for. But he still thought that how the The Challenge prank went down was wrong.

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