Meghan Markle In Two Portraits: Oprah’s Is Lovely But the Other is Dark

Meghan Markle is painted unfairly with the constant scrutiny she is under these days, suggests one worldwide famous friend. Oprah Winfrey defended her pal Meghan Markle when the queen of talk shows made an appearance Wednesday on CBS This Morning.

Meghan Markle Painted Wonderful by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey calls Meghan Markle a “warm” and “giving” woman who has a “loving heart.” She thinks it’s unfair the way the mom-to-be is portrayed today.

When Oprah speaks people listen. Saying lovely things probably won’t change all the negativity thrown toward the wife of Prince Harry. But this is Oprah Winfrey so it may help. The down to earth Oprah is highly respected by her fans. And she has millions worldwide.

As Oprah Winfrey attaches warmth to Meghan’s name, the Duchess of Sussex has another portrait painted in words by her half-sister Samantha Markle. It’s no secret that this older half-sibling has a way of attempting to rain on Meghan’s various parades in life.

Darker Portrait of the Duchess of Sussex

This time she’s predicting her sibling’s mothering style ahead of the baby’s birth. It seems Samantha believes the Meghan she knows will have a team of nannies to attend to the baby.

She also predicts that her sister, who she tags as “very strong-minded,” will butt heads with those nannies. At first, Samantha Markle sees a lower threshold for stress while the baby is still little. But apparently, she sees Meghan Markle succumbing to even more stress later on.

It also sounds as if Samantha believes that stress will lead the new mom into insisting on her own way, possibly rattling the nannies. She also predicts a nanny needs to be strong so they won’t be left in tears.

Samantha Markle Claims Half-Sister Jealous of Kate Middleton

It seems her half-sister didn’t stop after making the predictions for Meghan Markle’s role as a new mom. She moved on to her half-sister’s relationship with Kate Middleton as well. Samantha thinks she knows why rumors emerge from time to time that put her sibling and Kate Middleton at odds.

The Meghan she knows likes to be the center of attention, she said. Apparently, with Kate Middleton around, the spotlight’s shared. “I believe that there is a jealous streak in Meg,” Samantha shared.

Sadly, Meg’s half-sister has thrown shade on her since she became engaged to Harry. Still, many people pretty much dismiss Samantha’s claims today. She’s been singing the same tune for a long time. Many feel sorry for the Duchess because of her half-sister. Samantha seems relentless when it comes to throwing shade on the Duchess of Sussex.

Duchess Blindsided

Samantha’s biggest pet peeve with Meghan Markle is the lack of communication with their father, Thomas Markle. Ironically the one time Meghan did reach out to her dad in a hand-written note, he published it for the public to read.

Meghan asked her father to stop talking to the media. So instead, it appears he handed over that private note for all to see.

Prince Harry and Oprah

What Samantha Markle is saying about her sister these days seems the polar opposite of the Meghan Markle who Oprah Winfrey knows. The talk show icon is collaborating with Prince Harry on a series launching next year on Apple.

The series, which is about mental health, was the reason Oprah visited CBS Wednesday morning. She was there promoting the documentary-type series when the topic of Meghan popped up. Oprah couldn’t say enough nice things about Prince Harry’s wife.

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