‘Marrying Millions’: Who Are Shawn Isaac and Kate London?

Marrying Millions rolls out with Shawn Isaac and Kate London as one of the six couples headed for the altar with a bank book as their biggest obstacle. All these couples have one thing in common, one is filthy rich and the other is not.

If you ever thought money was the answer to all your problems, Marrying Millions just might change your mind. Especially when a couple is made up of two people with polar opposite wallet sizes.

Marrying Millions: Shawn Isaac & Kate London Find Chemistry at Conference

The millionaire from this Marrying Millions couple is 29-year-old Shawn Isaac, who is a self-made man of means. His career in the tech-sector made him a millionaire and along with owning his own business, he’s also a rapper.

Kate London, 33, approached Shawn Isaac at a conference after she heard his keynote speech. When Kate asked Shawn about a possible mentorship, there was instant chemistry between the two and they started dating.

It sounds like Shawn Isaac is extremely generous, which he demonstrates on Marrying Millions. This is especially the case when it comes to showering his love interest with high-end luxuries.

Getting Comfortable in Lavish Lifestyle

This show from Lifetime, also demonstrates how this Marrying Millions star loves to provide Kate with the good things in life. While Kate London isn’t used to the extravagant lifestyle that comes along with her millionaire boyfriend it looks like she enjoys it.

Apparently, Kate and Shawn will face the traditional problems that come along with a couple where one is rich and the other is not. People talk and all the Marrying Millions couples face questions concerning marriage happening for love or the bankroll.

Marrying Millions: Roadblocks

While this couple will most likely field the same questions as the other Marrying Millions couples do, there’s another problem Kate London needs to deal with. It sounds like Shawn’s ambitious career goals get in the way of Kate’s dreams.

Kate London wants to marry Shawn Isaac sooner rather than later but he sees it differently. It seems this millionaire struggles with popping the questions as he’s wrapped up in his goals for furthering his career. But will Kate be able to change his mind?

Marrying Millions rolls out Wednesday night at 10 pm, July 10, on the Lifetime channel. The same producers who brought you the 90 Day Fiance series, bring you this Lifetime show. From what the previews indicate, expect the same type of intrigue, heartaches, and explosive scenes.

Viewers get to see worlds collide when regular everyday folks fall in love with a millionaire. During the dating process, they enjoy all the luxuries life has to offer like high-priced gifts and jetting around the globe.

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