‘Marrying Millions’: Desiry Hall Discovers Rodney Foster’s Secret

Marrying Millions star Rodney Foster is keeping secrets from his fiancee Desiry Hall. But she found a source for information and is onto him now. This couple has been back and forth lately since she threw his ring back at him. She then wanted him to go to counseling to clear the air between them since Rodney told her he cheated.

Marrying Millions: Desiry Hall Gets to Know Rodney Foster’s Mom

Marrying Millions celeb Desiry Hall asked her fiance Rodney Foster to arrange a girls’ day with his mother for the two women to get to know each other. Rodney’s mother wasn’t very enthusiastic but eventually agreed, for his sake. Desiry and Barbara went shopping and discussed Rodney and his habit of keeping secrets.

Barbara and Desiry cleared the air between them while they shopped on Lifetime’s Marrying Millions. Desiry asked how they could keep Rodney from being so secretive. Barbara said Desiry Hall should not take Rodney’s word for things and call his parents and ask for the truth. Barbara said she wanted to be upfront with her future daughter-in-law so they could be a family later.

During the shopping trip, Barbara told Desiry Hall, Marrying Millions celeb, she would stay out of her relationship with Rodney Foster. Desiry pointed out Barbara was meddling in Rodney’s financial business. Barbara dropped a bombshell when she informed Desiry she was one of his investors, and she was protecting her investment.

Marrying Millions: Barbara Foster

Barbara Gets a Surprise of Her Own From Desiry

Rodney Foster’s mother learned something new about her son while shopping with Desiry Hall on Marrying Millions. The women had a girls’ day out to get to know each other. Then, Barbara explained some things about Rodney’s finances to her. Once they came to an understanding, Barbara suggested they start shopping.

Desiry pulled out Rodney’s black card and said they could get anything they want. Barbara asked why Rodney Foster trusted her with his black card when their relationship on Marrying Millions has been up and down lately? Desiry Hall said she didn’t abuse the card and really only used it when he made her mad. Barbara still didn’t understand why Desiry had carte blanche with his credit card. It has an unlimited credit limit, and that could affect Barbara’s assets.

Barbara said to fans of Marrying Millions that her son Rodney Foster is trying to build his brand. She told her son’s fiancee she was shocked he gave her his black card since he pays Desiry Hall’s bills. Her daughter-in-law to-be excused it by saying he knows she doesn’t make much running a non-profit. He recognizes she doesn’t abuse his card. Barbara said she would talk with her son about it. Desiry thought her future mother-in-law was jealous because she didn’t have a black card herself. Will Barbara cut off Desiry’s access to Rodney Foster’s money?

Marrying Millions: Rodney Foster - Desiry Hall

Marrying Millions: Rodney Talks About Couples Counseling

Rodney Foster explained to his mother that Desiry Hall thinks Barbara is meddling in their relationship. He also revealed the counselor on Marrying Millions felt she was an issue for Desiry and Rodney. Barbara said she couldn’t be a concern for their relationship because she didn’t even know the woman was in his life.

Rodney Foster’s mother told fans of Marrying Millions she was surprised her son attended counseling because he always kept things from her. But, she told Rodney attending therapy with Desiry Hall might be a good thing. But he needed to be honest and not hold anything back. Barbara hoped counseling would bring out things he couldn’t talk with his mother about.

Barbara told viewers of Lifetime’s Marrying Millions Desiry Hall needs to stop thinking that Barbara is a problem for her and Rodney Foster. Her only reason for suggestions as to her son’s actions is from a future mother-in-law’s point of view. Rodney told producers his mother’s suggestion about the prenup is due to her being one of his investors. In fact, he said, she’s the one who gave him the seed money to start his business. For now, this couple is working to rebuild their relationship.

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