‘Marrying Millions’: Bill Hutchinson Wants to Marry Again?

Marrying Millions tycoon Bill Hutchinson previously said he’d never marry again. But it appears he changed his mind. Fans of the Lifetime show saw him picking out an engagement ring not long ago. Now that ring is burning a hole in his pocket, so to speak. Bill’s ex-wife isn’t pleased, but will Briana Ramirez take the plunge with him?

Marrying Millions: Awkward, Bill Hutchinson Asks the Ex-Wife’s Blessing

Fans of Marrying Millions think Bill Hutchinson’s ex-wife Kathleen should keep her nose out of her ex-husband’s business. But Bill and Kathleen have a friendship despite their past. Bill has turned to her several times for advice since he began dating Briana.

Kathleen wastes no time telling Bill she thinks he’s making a big mistake on Marrying Millions. Bill Hutchinson wanted Kathleen to give her blessing for his marriage to Briana Ramirez so the rest of the family would accept it. But the ex-wife refused. She reminded him thought of marrying again made him cringe.

She also said Briana was making him into someone he’s not. Kathleen thinks Briana is in it for financial reasons, which she told Briana in a previous episode of Marrying Millions. And she thinks Bill Hutchinson will want to be single again after a few years of marriage to Briana. Then, Kathleen said, the whole family has to go through another divorce with him again, and they don’t want that. But Bill had other ideas.

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson

Money is No Object

Once Bill Hutchinson of Marrying Millions decided to pop the question to Briana Ramirez, he wasted no time. He tucked the ring away for safekeeping and called his wedding planner to set up an elaborate proposal.  Money is no object, Bill told him.

Bill Hutchinson told fans of Marrying Millions he wanted Briana to be talking about this proposal when she was very old and in a nursing home. Bill explained that he envisioned a “flower oasis” because Briana Ramirez reminds him of a blooming flower with her beauty, purity, and sweetness.

Nathan, the wedding planner, set up a floral pathway from just inside the front door, all the way out to the pool. Bill Hutchinson, Marrying Millions star, waited for his love. Briana Ramirez came inside and followed the white carpet of flower petals out back to find her love and a Mariachi band. The band started playing just as she came into sight.

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson - Brianna Ramirez

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson Pops the Question

Previously on Marrying Millions, Bill Hutchinson bought a 300k, seven-carat diamond engagement ring for Briana Ramirez. He said he wanted to propose quickly now that his decision is made. Bill arranged everything to be ready when Briana came home because he wanted to surprise her.

Once Briana and Bill Hutchinson were holding hands by the flower-petal-covered pool, he told her how special she was to him. The Marrying Millions star said Briana Ramirez is the person who makes his house a home. He said he knows their relationship is not considered normal, but it feels right to him, and he wanted her in his life forever.

Bill Hutchinson dropped to one knee to formally ask Briana Ramirez to marry him. Barely heard through her tears, she answered yes, and he placed the ring on her finger. Shortly after, kissing on the edge of the pool, he leaned back, and the couple plunged into the pool. Briana joked that he really knows how to sweep a woman off her feet. The happy couple was all smiles when Briana said she was excited to tell her family she was engaged on Lifetime’s Marrying Millions.  Will this May-December love last? Or will the age difference prove to be too much?

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