‘Marrying Millions’: Bill Hutchinson Responds in a Big Way

Marrying Millions star Bill Hutchinson goes all out in his response to Briana Ramirez‘s complaints about his ex. Bill said he wants Briana to feel like she belongs to him and he wants his family to see her as an equal.

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson Defends His Actions

Bill Hutchinson of Marrying Millions and his girlfriend Briana Ramirez recently went to a fertility clinic to see if he could give Bri a baby. But before they went, Bill talked things over with his ex-wife, Kathleen. Later, Kathleen invited Briana to lunch and talked about Briana’s relationship with him.

Briana Ramirez later told Bill that Kathleen accused her of wanting a baby for financial reasons. Bri said Kathleen also implied that if her ex-husband and Briana were to wed on Lifetime Marrying Millions, it would destroy his relationship with his children. Briana questioned Bill why he would talk to Kathleen about something so personal. Bill said Kathleen is part of his family, and it was something he felt he needed to share.

Bill Hutchinson, of Marrying Millions. told his girlfriend Briana Ramirez that Kathleen is wrong and he knows Briana’s not materialistic. His life is complicated. Everyone involved with him has an opinion on how he should handle it. Briana said she couldn’t continue her relationship with Bill if Kathleen’s attitude doesn’t get better.

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson

Bill Makes a Shocking Decision

Bill Hutchinson decided he needs to show Briana how much she means to him. He said he is her protector, and he loves her and needs to rescue her when she’s sad and crying. Bill told fans he’s ready to move his relationship with Briana Ramirez on Marrying Millions forward. Therefore, he called his jeweler to bring a selection of high-end jewelry to the house.


The jeweler covered Marrying Millions star Bill Hutchinson’s table with 10 million dollars worth of jewelry for him to choose from. Bill admired the “bling,” as he called it. But then said what he was really after was a ring. Joe, the jeweler, asked if he was looking for an engagement ring. The real estate mogul smiled and said he was going to propose to Bri.

Bill Hutchinson told Marrying Millions fans that he never thought he’d marry again. He said he loves Briana Ramirez, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He married twice before, and he failed. But this time, he said it’s the right thing to do. The real estate businessman said he loves taking care of Bri, and she’s not like anyone he’s ever met before.

Marrying Millions: Bill Hutchinson

Marrying Millions: The Ring Has to be Bigger for Briana Ramirez

Bill Hutchinson perused the ring selection spread out on his dining room table. He looked at one that Joe priced at $150,000. But he said it wasn’t enough. He wanted to pay more for his Marrying Millions girlfriend Briana Ramirez’ engagement ring. Still, the jeweler wondered if the bigger carat rings are too big for Briana’s hand.

Bill next looked at a five-carat diamond ring. Joe told him it was almost flawless. Although the ring flashed a lot, the Marrying Millions celeb said five carats wasn’t big enough. He wanted bigger. Joe said that’s the Bill he knows. He’s been Bill Hutchinson’s jeweler for 20 years. Joe selected a ring and showed it off.

However, the real estate magnate wanted to know the total carat weight. Seven carats, valued at $300,000, according to the jeweler. He said he wanted something to make Briana Ramirez feel like an equal to his ex-wives. He said this ring would make her feel like she belongs to him. Bill Hutchinson said it was the perfect ring to symbolize their love. Watch Marrying Millions on Lifetime to find out how Bri responds.

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