‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Is Dr. Noelle Reid Married?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ cast member Dr. Noelle Reid is under the microscope. The show is supposed to be about people that are married to people in the medical profession. But many don’t even know if she is even married or if she is, indeed, just married to the medical profession.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Dr. Noelle Reid Makes It Through Residency As a Single Mom

Dr. Noelle Reid from Married to Medicine Los Angeles is a strong and independent woman. She is proud of her independence and hopes to pass it on to her daughter. During her residency, she made some serious sacrifices. And she was a single mother supporting a child the whole time.

She is now able to provide a great life for her young daughter. We did see in one of the first episodes of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that her daughter was sad because most of the other kids didn’t look like her but things are shifting. Since then it seems like her daughter adjusted and is doing well.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Noelle Reid

Erin Vines Enters the Picture

Not too long ago, Noelle Reid from Married to Medicine Los Angeles did get married. She met and married her husband Erin Vines. There isn’t much information about him at all. As a matter of fact, it looks like Noelle likes to live a very private life. There is very little news coverage on her or her family.

We were able to dig up some footage of her wedding from back in 2016. When Noelle was at her friend Asha’s two year wedding anniversary party, we didn’t see her husband there. Even though that’s the case, no one was questioning her about where her husband was like they do Imani and Jazmin.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Noelle Reid

Dr. Noelle Reid No Longer on ‘Married to Medicine’

Noelle is not on the newest season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that airs Sunday nights at 9 pm on Bravo. It looks like she is focusing on her family medicine practice. She has a very east meets west approach to her practice. And many viewers found what she did to be very interesting and helpful.

Her friend Asha is also not reappearing on the show. Some fans think that may be part of why Noelle isn’t going to be back. But it doesn’t seem like either of the women have any resentment or feeling of upset over the first season of the show. Even though Asha did say that she wasn’t interested in going along with the storyline they wanted to follow with her.

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