‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Dr. Britten Cole Quarantine Makeover – Before and After Pics

Married to Medicine Los AngelesDr. Britten Cole secretly got a makeover during the quarantine. Only a few people have seen the new hair. But it’s already making waves. We know her as the over the top during party girl and the dress down at home type. But this hair is over the top.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Britten Cole Needs to Spice Up Her Marriage

Recently we’ve seen this Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast member dealing with some marriage issues of her own. She’s been there working through things with her friend Imani Walker. But now it looks like there might be trouble in paradise for her as well. Her husband Mack Major and she have had their fair share of challenges.

In the first season of Married to Medicine, we see her living in LA and her husband, son, and daughter living back in Orlando. The couple did get to see each other pretty often because he would fly out with or without the kids. But it was obvious there was a strain on the relationship. At one point, she did end up going back to Orlando. But only to get ready to come back when her job started.

Once everyone was together in LA on Married to Medicine, everyone thought things were going to be fine. But the only problem is that the kids started sleeping in the bed. And when Mack isn’t traveling for business, he’s staying in his son’s bed. Britten Cole even went as far as to say that her son made her feel more needed and wanted than her husband.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Britten Cole - Mack Major

It’s Time to Change Up the Hair

During Married to Medicine that airs on Sunday nights at 9 pm on Bravo, there’s been a lot of talk about hair—or the lack thereof that is. Imani got a lot of attention and questions as to why she’s bald. Now it’s going to be time for Britten Cole to get some spotlight because of her hair.

Most of the time, we see Britten Cole with long hair that’s usually tied up on top of her head. If she’s going out for a party, sometimes she’ll style it. But it isn’t usually a priority for her. Well, it looks like things have changed. She seems like she’s gotten a little bored with her hair and she’s ready to go wild.

Wild as in pastel pink hair. This leads people to wonder if maybe there’s a job change for Britten Cole of Married to Medicine Los Angeles. Most doctor’s offices don’t allow their workers to have ‘unnatural’ colors of hair. Maybe she’s allowed to have it but she has to keep it under a cap?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Britten Cole

Bring on the Married to Medicine Drama

During the Palm Springs trip with the Married to Medicine girls, Britten Cole went through some anxiety because of some ‘edible treats.’ It doesn’t look like she wants to go through that again. Jazmin Johnson thought it was funny to mess with her and pretend she was going to get her. It really looks like the ladies turned up. But we have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet.

Britten’s new hair isn’t going to be on the new taping as far as we know. She just did it recently and the taping isn’t likely to have caught up to her. Everyone is ready for COVID-19 to be over to get back to their normal lives. It looks like Britten is already getting back to it.

We wonder if the new hair is going to be the kick Britten’s marriage needs. Time will tell.

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