‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Kendra Segura’s Slim & Sassy New Look Jaw Drops Fans

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Kendra Segura has put in a lot of work over the last few months. She is ready to lose her weight from baby Hart Segura Leung. And she’s putting in the work to get it done.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura Deals with Mommy Woes

After having her baby, Kendra went through a lot of challenges with emotions, work, and friendships. The husbands on Married to Medicine get along great, but the wives’ friendships on the Bravo show strain from time to time. And when you add having a baby into the mix—emotions run even higher.

During the show, Kendra sought help from Married to Medicine costar Jazmin Johnson. Jazmin was ready to kick it into high gear, but Kendra wanted to have fun and relax when she wasn’t changing diapers and nursing her baby. That coach and trainee relationship didn’t last long, and Kendra Segura went back to focusing on Hart.

Kendra of Married to Medicine decided to go back to work. And despite her husband’s complaints, it seemed to work out well. But Kendra often shares that she misses seeing her baby a lot. She also said she was ready to get rid of her extra pounds from pregnancy, and it looks like she’s on it.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura - Hart Segura Leung

Kendra Puts In Work

M2M celeb Kendra Segura shared her struggles with weight, but she never let it stop her from dressing fancy. No matter how much Kendra weighs, she always looks amazing. But it looks like she wants to lose weight for her health as well as for how great she looks.

Not too long ago, Kendra Segura said she fits into a size medium scrub. She said people might not be able to tell too much, but she knows, and she’s excited. The mom of one celebrated herself, and fans of Married to Medicine said they could tell a change.

Since then, she kicked it up a notch. And she even included Hart in her workouts, and it looks like he had a great time. Married to Medicine fans shared their excitement at how stunning she looks.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura - Britten Cole

Married to Medicine: Living Her Best Life

After having her baby, there was a lot of back and forth between Kendra and her husband, Hobart Leung. Hobart didn’t want her to go back to work full-time. And they had more than a few fights over things.

It looks like the Married to Medicine star and her husband worked things out. Kendra Segura and Hobart are happily parenting their baby together. And it looks like Kendra Segura gets plenty of time out of the house.

Not too long ago, she was in Atlanta. And now she’s in Chicago with her good friend Britten Cole. And fans said she looks absolutely amazing after all the work she put in.

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