‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Britten Cole’s ‘Summer Body’ Impresses Fans

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Britten Cole is turning heads. Fans said that her “summer body” is impressive and asked if that’s what she’s been hiding under her doctor’s clothing.

Married to Medicine Update: Britten Cole Brings the Hotness

Britten Cole is known for hanging out in her doctor-wear. But when she gets dressed up—she really knows how to do it. This is especially true when she gets ready for costume parties.

This time, it wasn’t a costume party that made people turn their heads for Married to Medicine star Britten Cole. It was her beautiful dress and slim figure. While Britten has always been pretty slim, she looks like she’s in even better shape than she was before.

One of the Married to Medicine viewers said, “Why do you remind me of Keyshia Cole?” And Britten replied that it was funny because her husband Mack Major loves Keyshia. Whatever the case, it looks like it took quite a while for Britten Cole to get ready—but it was worth it. Fans are curious if she is doing any workouts.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Britten Cole

Celebrating Friends and Looking Amazing

Britten and hubby Mack went out to celebrate their mutual friend’s birthday. Dr. Robert Drummond, from Married to Medicine, turned 40 years old. Robert and his wife Shanique Drummond are good friends with Mack Major and his wife, and they always enjoy each other’s birthday celebrations.

Britten Cole said, “Welcome to the 40s club.” But she makes the 40s look good, so we’re sure Robert doesn’t mind another year around the sun. Shanique said that they got together with a small group of friends for the birthday. And not to worry because they took the recommended precautions.

Whatever the case, there were still a few Married to Medicine fans that fussed at Britten and Shanique. It doesn’t seem like it bothered them too much, though.

Married to Medicine: Britten Cole

Married to Medicine: Britten and Mack Major Night Without Kids

During the last season of Married to Medicine, Bravo’s Britten Cole and Mack Major had major problems. The biggest problem was that they weren’t sleeping in the same bed. In fact, their son had taken over Mack’s place in the bed.

One of the episodes, Britten said that Mack didn’t make her feel needed like her son did. The other Married to Medicine ladies said that something was wrong there. And that she needed to fix things.

It seems like Britten is turning up the heat. And now that she and Mack kicked their kid out of their bed, things are likely a little spicier for the sexy couple.

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