‘Married at First Sight’: Wife Pregnant on Season 12 Atlanta MAFS?

Married at First Sight Atlanta is underway, and it looks like this season will have some huge firsts. Season 12 MAFS has one of the husband saying, “She’s pregnant.” And viewers wonder if it is a wife, an ex, or something altogether different.

Married at First Sight: Marrying a Stranger

Going through the Lifetime Married at First Sight process has had different levels of success for people. Many people wonder why some of the cast come on the show. And others, it’s easy to see they were meant to match from day one.

Married at First Sight couples take a major leap of faith and know nothing about their new partner. Well, unless you’re Karen Landry from Season 11. She found out who her husband, Miles Williams, was and researched him before her wedding day.

Going on the show is intensive and requires around 16 hours a day taping. Imagine cameras in your face every day for eight weeks from sun up to sun down—and you’re doing this with someone you don’t know. Many of the cast say going on Married at First Sight isn’t for everyone.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen Landry

Is Someone Pregnant on the New Season of MAFS in Atlanta?

With the latest season of Married at First Sight ending, it’s time to welcome a new group of singles. And the experts like Pastor Calvin Roberson will work their magic, But, it seems like they might work it a little too good because one husband says, “She’s pregnant.”

Fans hope the man is talking about his wife and not some ex. Some Married at First Sight followers think the man got his new wife pregnant. But it would have been really fast.

One husband that did want to make a honeymoon baby was season 11’s Woody Randall. Fans wonder if this new man achieved the goal and how that will work out for the couple. After a successful season of the show, everyone hopes the new cast is as good as the last.

Married At First Sight Recap: Brandon Reid

Married at First Sight: Rolling with the Punches

When couples go on Married at First Sight and enter this union with a stranger, they have to roll with the punches. The experts have done a good job with many couples. But there are a few where people say the experts failed.

The past two seasons have had two train wreck couples each season. And watchers of Married at First Sight wonder if the couples matched them badly on purpose. The only reason fans list as a reason would be to add more drama to the mix.

MAFS stars Brandon Reid and Michael Watson recently got annulments from their marriages. And viewers ponder if that will change how people feel about the Lifetime show.

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