‘Married at First Sight’: Virginia Getting Bad Edit About Drinking?

Married at First Sight star Virginia Coombs (Erik Lake’s new bride) could be getting a bad edit over her drinking. With only a couple episodes aired so far, some fans are saying that Virginia may be an alcoholic. But, do edits make her drinking alcohol look worse than it is?

Married At First Sight: Virginia Portrayed as Heavy Drinker

Virginia Coombs admitted to the other Married at First Sight women and to her new husband Erik Lake that she does enjoy going out and partying. However, she said that she went on the show to settle down. And that she wanted to find someone to share her adventurous lifestyle with. Virginia said that she wanted a partner that would go out and do things with her, but did she actually mean partying and drinking? Or just experiencing new things together?

At the bachelorette party, all the engaged women had a few drinks. But MAFS viewers watched as Virginia Coombs had drink after drink. And then headed off to use the restroom. The cameras pointed at the bathroom doors and picked up the sound of someone throwing up. And made it seem like this was Virginia. And that she drank so much that she puked. However, it recently came out that it was someone else, and not Virginia, getting sick in the bathroom.

Married at First Sight: Virginia Coombs

MAFS: Wedding Day Jitters

Then, at her Married at First Sight wedding, viewers again watched Virginia Coombs down drink after drink. And zoomed in on Erik Lake’s parents looking on with disapproval as Virginia visited the bar over and over again. Virginia said that she was extremely nervous before the wedding. And almost didn’t go through with it. Some fans speculate that she was trying to settle her nerves with alcohol.

And some Married at First Sight followers commented that Virginia Coomb’s drinking seemed to be the focus of the episode. But that most wedding receptions last several hours. So they felt that the editing and production team pulled out all those moments from over the course of the reception. When you put all the clips all in a row, it could appear that Virginia was drinking more than she was. Fans wondered what things will look like for the couple when they vacation for their honeymoon. Will her drinking be a theme?

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Will Virginia Coombs’ Marriage Survive?

Erik Lake seemed taken aback by Virginia Coombs’ lifestyle. When she told him she liked to go out a lot, Erik was very concerned. He said he doesn’t go out much and leads a very laidback lifestyle. As a pilot, he’s not allowed to have a drink for 24 hours before he flys. Since he’s a full time pilot, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for him to enjoy a drink with Virginia.

Erik also wondered if the Married at First Sight experts had matched him correctly. Viewers watched Erik’s reaction to Virginia’s drinking during the wedding reception. And fans were concerned that this might drive a wedge between the pair.

But recently, Virginia Coombs father posted on social media that the MAFS production edited the show for drama and entertainment. And that things were not always as they seem. He told fans that the show made it seem like Erik Lake’s family disapproved of Virginia at the wedding. But in reality they, and especially Erik’s mom, fell in love with her.

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