‘Married at First Sight’: Virginia Coombs & Erik Lake Clash Over Kids?

Married at First Sight‘s Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake seem like an odd match at first. But some people started to believe that they might work out. Despite this, it seems like there might be trouble in paradise when it comes to kids.

Married at First Sight: Newlywed Virginia Coombs Voices Feelings about Kids

Virginia from Married at First Sight met with Erik Lake’s mom to get to know them better. When she met with her, his mother said that she hoped Virginia wanted kids. And that she really wanted to have grandchildren.

Married at First Sight wife Virginia Coombs said she was about 50/50 on having kids. His mom looked concerned and said that “Erik will make a good father one day.” It seems like his mother won’t take no for an answer.

Virginia from MAFS looked a little worried that the children issue might become a problem. It sounds like Erik Lake really wants to have children. And Lifetime fans hope that won’t be something that splits the couple up.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Virginia Coombs & Erik Lake Get Super Cozy

Married at First Sight husband Erik Lake didn’t talk about a honeymoon baby like his castmate Chris Williams. But he and Virginia did get very close that first night together. Viewers said that his mom might get the grandchildren that she wants so bad.

Erik said that he thinks Virginia Coombs is super hot, but fans worried that wouldn’t be enough. Virginia of Married at First Sight loves to go out and have fun and Erik Lake said he doesn’t go out as much. But he is out flying airplanes a lot because he’s a commercial pilot.

Married at First Sight fans said that they would take him if Virginia Coombs didn’t want him. But she seems very attracted to him and looks like she is ready to get to know him better. Erik said he liked that she kissed him a lot and didn’t hold back.

Married at First Sight: Erik Lake - Virginia Coombs

Married at First Sight: Age Is Just a Number?

Erik Lake is eight years older than Virginia, and that caused some concern. But it seems like she feels very comfortable with Erik and is glad he is older than her. She works at a marketing agency and seems to be adventurous and fun, but ready to enjoy life with the right partner.

Fans of Married at First Sight said they hope they prove that age is just a number. But they don’t have as high of hopes hopes for their castmates Jacob and Haley and their 10-year gap. Even though Erik’s family is very conservative, fans think they can get past Virginia Coomb’s party girl ways.

Virginia said she wanted to find something long-lasting. And fans suggested that she can go out and party with her friends when Erik is away working as a pilot.

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