‘Married At First Sight’: Tash Loses That Lovin’ Feeling On The Honeymoon

Married At First Sight: Australia saw some couples head off to honeymoons, and it’s not going well for Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef. It seems Tash isn’t feeling the chemistry with her new bride. Hayley Vernon and David Cannon are off to a pretty rocky start too. Meanwhile, Mikey Pembroke proves his manhood to Natasha Spencer on the slopes while Chris Nicholls surprises an insecure Vanessa Romito. Let’s take a closer look at how everyone gets on as we dig into MAFS: Australia Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Tash Herz Isn’t Feeling It On Married At First Sight

MAFS’ first same-sex couple started good enough. But it seems the honeymoon is over before it even started for Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef. The Aussie babes head to a swanky beach resort called Daydream Island for their post-nup holiday. After popping some corks the first night, the bubbly wasn’t the only thing flat by morning. Amanda waits outside by the pool for Tash.

Tash Herz is inside meditating, wondering how to tell her Married At First Sight: Australia spouse she doesn’t feel the spark. Eventually, Tash sits down with Amanda, who wants the truth on why Tash runs cold. Tash got caught up in the wedding and excitement, but now the thrill is gone. Tash Herz says while she finds Amanda beautiful, the attraction just isn’t there.

Of course, Amanda’s pretty broken up about all this. She gives Tash space by getting a different room for the night. But, she wakes up refreshed and wants to give it another go. So, she asks Tash Herz if they can keep trying and if she can move back to the honeymoon suite. Tash says she’s not comfortable with that. Amanda keeps pressing, but Tash Herz is not into it at all. So, things aren’t looking good for these two on Married At First Sight.

Hayley and David Clash Over Money and Occasional Smokes

David and wife Hayley hit the Married At First Sight: Australia jackpot with a honeymoon in Singapore. Hayley is still a little nervous to tell David that in the past, she was a drug addict. But she finally opens up, and David is super cool about it. With that behind them, it seems they can move forward in their marriage. That’s until Hayley remarks that David’s wages as a truck driver is “not cutting it.”

David is cold to Hayley before telling her it really hurt him. Hayley backpedals, saying he’s the one that brought up money. She says there have been times she’s had to steal for food and is sensitive to living paycheck to paycheck. David asks for space, and Hayley is happy to oblige. The two decide to let it go and start fresh over dinner. The experts give them a game to play called “The Honeymoon Box.”

On  Married At First Sight, each must answer questions. David’s first question is “something no one has said to you before.” And of course, he says no one has ever complained about his wages. Next, he’s asked by Hayley if she’s what he expected. He says smoking is a deal-breaker, so he’s put off by her occasional cigs. Hayley thinks he’s overreacting, but David is packing up his stuff and getting another room. He says if he could, he’d run to the airport right now.

The Other Couples Are Doing Okay So Far on Married At First Sight Down Under

Mikey Pembroke and Natasha Spencer get a honeymoon in snowy South Wales. Natasha isn’t happy at first. And Mikey is unsure about how long it takes his high-maintenance bride to get ready. But after seeing him dominate the ski slopes, Natasha is pretty turned on, and these two are sizzling. Poppy Jennings and Luke Eglin have a short segment in a hot air balloon ride. Poppy’s afraid at first but conquers her fears and enjoying her time up in the air with Luke.

Married At First Sight: Australia newlyweds Cathy Evans and Josh Pihlak are having fun. But Cathy wants to turn things up a notch. So she enlists her secret weapon: her “raunchy bikini” as she calls it. Josh is busy soaking up minerals in the hot tub but does admit his wife looks like a bloody dream. The two carry their hot tub fun into their private bath, and Cathy says tonight’s the night. And it certainly is as Josh shuts out producers and puts up the privacy sign.

Chris Nicholls and Vanessa Romito are getting along well, despite not sleeping in the same bed yet. On a prop plane excursion, Vanessa again is filled with self-doubt over her insecurities and imperfections. Chris is attracted to Vanessa and tells her so at a picnic lunch. That makes Vanessa feel “amazing,” so it looks like these two are making progress. Don’t forget to watch Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

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