‘Married at First Sight’ Season 8: Four New Couples Hope to Find Love in Philadelphia

Married at First Sight is back with an all-new season on Lifetime. Four new couples hope to find a lasting relationship in the city of Brotherly Love. The good news is that the new couples won’t be alone on their journey to find their forever. Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Jessica Griffin, and Dr. Pepper Schwartz are on hand to help the new couples on their journey. Which couples will find their happily ever after?

Married at First Sight Season 8: Meet the new couples

AJ Vollmoeller & Stephanie Sersen

AJ Vollmoelller is a 37-year old man from New York. He’s also the President of a staffing and recruiting company. He wants to find a partner to share in his success. His new wife will be Stephanie Sersen, a 35-year-old that’s a real Daddy’s Girl. She’s looking for someone that also loves to travel. Can they succeed in their Married at First Sight journey?

Will Guess & Jasmine McGriff

Will Guess is at a financially stable point in life. In addition, he’s emotionally ready to take on a lasting relationship. The 37-year-old is tired of being the only single guy among his group of friends. Jasmine McGriff is hoping to find her very own Barack Obama. The 29-year-old is independent and ambitious, but wants the type of love that her parents have. Viewers will have to tune in to find out if she’s found that on Married at First Sight with Will.

Two more MAFS couples

Luke Cuccurullo & Kate Sisk

Luke Cuccurullo’s parents divorced when he was young. While he remains close with his mother, he and his father are estranged. The 30-year-old engineer wants to find “the one.” Do the Married at First Sight experts help him succeed with his match? Kate Sisk comes from a very tight-knit family. Her parents recently divorced. Due to this, she’s a bit pessimistic when it comes to finding true love. Hopefully, being on Married at First Sight Season 8 helps her rediscover that optimism.

Keith Dewar & Kristine Killingsworth

Keith Dewar is looking to find his equal. He wants someone to support him, and someone he can build a life with. As a patient-care technician focusing on dialysis, he’s used to being a source of strength for his patients. Will the MAFS love hopeful find the right one for him based on who the experts picked? Kristine Killingsworth looks to her parents as the gold standard when it comes to marriage success. The 28-year-old real estate agent is ready to share her life with the man she’s been waiting for.

What to expect on Married at First Sight Season 8

It will be interesting to see if the city of Brotherly Love rubs off on this latest crop of Married at First Sight hopefuls. This modern take on arranged marriages has had its share of duds and success stories. It will be interesting to see which couples follow the experts’ advice and find their way to happily ever after. On the other hand, it will also be interesting to see which couples implode as the season progresses.

Catch the Season 8 premiere of Married at First Sight Tuesday at 9:00 PM only on Lifetime.

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