‘Married at First Sight’: Season 14 of MAFS is Casting – See Where

Married at First Sight experts are ready to help five more couples find love on season 14 of the Lifetime show. In the 14th season of the popular matchmaking show, the couples will be in the Northeast.

Married at First Sight: Get Ready for Beans & Red Sox – It’s Boston

The 14th season of MAFS will be in the beautiful city of Boston. It sounds like production is hopeful for lightened lockdowns and more options for taping. While still following COVID-19 regulations, it looks like they will be able to put together a great show there soon.

For potential Married at First Sight cast members, you have to be ready to give up a couple of months of your life. Even before they accept people on the show, there is a lengthy process to get on the television series. If there are any major red flags, they will pass over that person and pick from one of the thousands of other people that want to be on.

Married at First Sight experts have season 13 underway in Houston. And now Boston will be the 14th city to have help from the experts from the show. Pastor Calvin Roberson, Viviana Coles & Pepper Schwartz will attempt to help ten hopeful couples become five happy couples.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer - Austin Hurd

Preparing for the Show

For people that want to get on the Boston season of Married at First Sight, there is a long list of must-haves. One of the basics is that people can’t already be in a marriage. Season 12 has the first divorcee, but he was single for around two years.

If people are picked to go to the next step, they go through a deep dive questioning. The goal is to find two people that will work well together and have an attraction to each other. From the past, we know that isn’t always the case, but they do have a pretty good record in matching.

When getting ready for Married at First Sight, cast members have to put their social media on private. If they disclose information that would spoil the show—that’s a problem. And there is also the matter of not being able to do deal with companies until at least a year after.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi - Bennett Kirschner

Married at First Sight: What Could Go Wrong?

Despite some of the trainwrecks in the previous seasons of the show, they still get thousands of applicants. Even with some of the shocking points of the contract, many people still opt to go on Married at First Sight. Some of the people that go on there do say they had negative experiences. But they can’t say much because of their nondisclosure agreements.

Two Married at First Sight couples go to get annulments. Meka Jones and Michael Watson and Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid were the first and only couples to get an annulment. Both of them were from season 10—the Washington D.C. season.

Some people ask if their marriages are real—and they are. So, the couples that are ready to tie the knot in Boston need to be ready for a legally binding marriage.

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