‘Married At First Sight’: Taylor’s Single Lady Video Sinks Bitter Brandon

This week’s Married At First Sight finds the couples dealing with the mundane tasks of everyday life. Like laundry, thank you notes and hair care. Taylor Dunklin‘s single lady act on Instagram makes Brandon move out. Katie Conrad whines about when Derek Sherman will use the L word with her. Jessica Studer reminds us that she has to get up early when Austin Hurd just wants a hug. And Zach Justice continues to find Mindy Shiben boring at first sight. Let’s check in with our mostly unhappy MAFS couples at the Train Wreck Towers. You can catch the show Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: Taylor’s Got A Ring On It But Plays It Single on Instagram

Married at First Sight couple Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid have had a rocky start from the beginning. Brandon can’t handle the cameras while Taylor wants more. The couples are tasked with talking about how they like to give and receive love. Taylor tries to get Brandon to open up but he just kind of piggybacks what she says. This frustrates Taylor who tells him she feels alone. Especially after he admits he was once in love with someone he wanted to be with all the time.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin - Bikini

Taylor gets a little mad at him and he chooses to leave the room and shut the whole conversation down. Later, Taylor cooks up a feast for the moody Brandon to make amends. All is well until she shoots a pic of her crab cakes and asparagus for Instagram. He accuses her of only really being in love with her phone and her following. And again disappears. Taylor decides he’s being passive and goes out with friends.

On this Married At First Sight recap, Taylor makes an Instagram video during her GNO. She complains about being single and unable to meet a guy that meets her standards. Such as 6’3″, fine as hell, no record and good D complete with eggplant emoji. Brandon of course isn’t happy. And calls the video disgusting. He calls her out as not ready to be married yet. And starts packing up his stuff. He leaves nothing behind at their pad but his keys.

Is Taylor Dunklin Just Out For Fame and Followers on Married At First Sight?

Taylor Dunklin returns in the morning light to the empty apartment. She says she tried texting Brandon Reid while she was out and got no response. Dr. Viviana Coles calls Taylor to find out why she posted the video. Taylor says the video was a joke and meant to be funny. But Dr. Viviana’s not laughing. And obviously neither is Brandon. Dr. V reminds Taylor that she is married. And that posting a video like that doesn’t put her in the best light.

At this point on Married At First Sight, Taylor gets a little defensive. She maintains she’s given Brandon every chance and she’s basically over his bad attitude. She says out of respect for the doc and the executives she won’t post anymore vids like that. Later Michael Watson listens to Brandon’s side of the story. While Meka Jones hears out Taylor. But admits she wouldn’t be cool if her hubby Michael did a thing like that. Oh well, we know this marriage is already over and not too soon obviously.

Katie Conrad’s Still Pouting Around on MAFS

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman started off with a home run on Married At First Sight. But things have slowed to a no hitter since they got back from their honeymoon. Katie is mopey because Derek isn’t willing to say I love you yet. And admits he’s never said it or felt it in the past. Katie has spent her life doodling her name as a Mrs. with her Hello Kitty pen. She thought signing up for this would put an end to all that. But she’s got the pen close by if this literally goes in the pooper.

On Married At First Sight Derek decides to take Katie’s mind off her thinking he’s a flatulent dork who won’t say I love you. So he signs them up for a private aerial arts lesson. This consists of them looping themselves through a silk tied to the ceiling. Katie hangs upside down about 2 feet from the ground and Derek crawls under her for a kiss. Derek even tries a few stunts. Thankfully this is short lived because with Derek’s fondness for spontaneous BM’s this could’ve ended badly.

Zach Justice & Mindy Shiben: He’s Still Just Not That Into You

On this Married At First Sight recap, Zach Justice has all but bought a billboard in DC to let Mindy Shiben know he doesn’t want her. Mindy is tone deaf when it comes to Zach and eagerly tells the cameras she thinks he’s finally coming around. Mindy shows up to meet Zach and his dogs for a hike in her head to toe black tank, legging and loafer uniform. She tells Zach about the L- word assignment.

Zach Justice keeps one eye on the dogs at all times and asks Mindy Shiben what she would consider as love. Other than him wanting to live with her and showing physical affection. Because those things just aren’t in his comfort zone right now. She says showing up with cheese sticks would do the trick. Zach tries to process why anyone would consume deep fried dairy. Then spouts off a few words like process and journey. Mindy tries to talk but Zach zones her out by walking off and yelling for his dog.

Later on Married At First Sight, Zach calls up his sister for advice. Like the rest of America she tells him he’s acting like a tool and to suck it up. He goes over to Mindy’s where she has set up card games. And she’s still wearing that stanky tank. She adds to the mood by suggesting facial masks. Because there is nothing like a mask that makes you look lie Hannibal Lecter and end of day stinky pits to turn him on.

Meka Jones Wear The Pants In The Family on Married At First Sight

Meka Jones doesn’t play, and the wishy washy Michael Watson continues to learn this the hard way. He tries to bond with her over hair care and it works for a second. Until he casually mentions that he won’t be starting the school principal job on Monday like he said. But has decided on some other job. This doesn’t sit well with Meka. She wants to know why he lied. Again. Michael rubs his hands and breathes through his nose and tries to come up with some explanation.

The best Michael can come up with on Married At First Sight is that he isn’t 100 percent comfortable with her yet. Wrong answer. Michael goes into damage control mode. He decides to take Meka out to eat. And presents her with a box of extremely chewy varieties of candy. And points out he knows she has braces. Meka tries to hide her disappointment over being gifted with a convenience store cache of sticky treats.

Jessica Studer Lords Her Early Riser Perfect Attendance Over Austin Hurd Once Again

On Married At First Sight, Jessica Studer knows all about love. As she’s in love with her iron clad self discipline. She reminds hubby Austin Hurd again that she has an “early day”. They climb into bed and she’s thrilled that he got her a night stand to house her many alarm clocks. None of which have ever been snoozed. This lady’s up at the crack of as* every damn day. And she’s proud of it. She thinks Austin Hurd is more needy than her and wants hugs. So he will cave first with saying” I love you”.

Jessica and Austin bond over peppy music and throwing a football. And for these two that’s as exciting as it got this week. Or as it may ever get. The overly optimistic Pepper Schwartz makes a perky cameo to remind us that all is not lost as the couples just need to have fun. Hate to break it to you Pepper but it’s only day 20 and nobody is having any fun. Don’t forget to watch Married  at First Sight Wednesday nights at 8: PM on Lifetime.

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