‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: Couples Honeymoon in Panama – S10 E04 ‘One Night Spouse’

Married at First Sight Recap: Jessica Studer and husband Austin Hurd happily honeymooning in season 10 episode 4, ‘One Night Spouse‘. But the other couples don’t fare so well. Sunny beach days and romantic sunsets in Panama give way to trouble on the group honeymoon.

Already, Meka Jones and Michael Watson argued on the plane. And by episode’s end, Mindy Shiben wandered the hotel halls alone after Zach Justice told her he’s not “building an attraction to her”. Ouch. Let’s break down the slow-burning drama on season 10 episode 4 One Night Spouse on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: The Couples Deal With the First Morning After

It’s day one of the marriage with the couple’s waking up next to each other for the first time. Jessica Studer and hubby Austin Hurd joke around and seem to get along pretty well. Meanwhile, Meka Jones is annoyed that Michael’s on the phone ordering breakfast. And even more annoyed that it’s his favorite meal of the day. He requests evaporated milk and this dairy dilemma pushes her over the edge. She admits she doesn’t try new foods. And he points out she just married a whole stranger. Burn.

On Married At First Sight, Katie Conrad admits to a latex allergy. Therefore, the bowl of condoms in the room went unused. The young couple admits things got heated. But, they didn’t take it all the way. At this point, Derek Sherman utters perhaps the smartest line to come out of the show. “It’s probably better we didn’t have sex yet — because it might feel like a one night stand that never ends”. For some Married at First Sight pairs, it seems it already feels that way.

The MAFS Couples Deal With In-Law Round Table Talks

On Married at First Sight, first on the agenda is meeting the new in-laws. Austin Hurd’s up first. He talks up Jessica Studer’s twin sister and hubby. Austin Hurd sees chemistry between them and his intentions are good. But, he says his mom had reservations. In the end, self-described mama’s boy Austin Hurd pulls it off and gets thumbs up. Then, it’s Jessica Studer’s turn to charm his mom and grandparents. Of course, they like her. Remember, Jessica’s “the keeper”.

Also, on Married at First Sight, Taylor Dunkin meets Brandon Reid’s mom and aunt. They warn her to be open for anything as he speaks his mind. Taylor’s okay with this, but doesn’t want disrespect. In the end, the ladies love Taylor’s beauty, success, and her free spirit. Brandon’s grilled by Taylor’s mom, aunt, and cousin. They want to know why he’s 33 and unmarried. He blames it on millennials being weird. They warn him he married a woman, not a girl. Damn. Boy needs a drink after that.

Derek Sherman Asks Katie’s Dad for his Blessing

The other Married at First Sight meetings go okay. Derek wins points asking Katie’s dad for a post-nup blessing. Mindy’s BFF Shannie sees through Zach, and thinks he’s there to promote his fitness “career”. Michael probably has it worst as Meka’s family goes right to the hard stuff. The ask if he cheated. Mike sweated bullets then half-admitted but insists it was just “emotional”. Ummkay…

Trouble in Paradise: MAFS Couples Honeymoon Begins

In this episode, the Married at First Sight couples spend a lot of time brushing their teeth. Is this Oral B product placement? Then, they get obligatory baskets delivered. They pause flossing to see they’re going to Panama. Of course, this leads to packing. Despite his pile of hair products, Zach’s concerned Mindy’s taking too much. Then he makes her deal with her own luggage… What a guy…

On Married at First Sight, the couples sleep, snore and take selfies on the plane. Except for Meka and Michael. The other couples notice the tension between them right away. After champagne at the resort, they retire to their rooms. Meka accuses Michael of being different off-camera. She claims he gave her a timeline for sex when Lifetime cams weren’t watching.

Then, Michael leaves the room after denying her version of things. Things don’t go so well for Mindy either on Married at First Sight. She roamed the halls alone after hair-tastic Zach said he’s not into her. It seems the only person Zach’s hot for is himself. The other couples seem to be trying to enjoy their first nights including Austin Hurd and wife Jessica Studer.

Three Couples Already Down for The Count on Married at First Sight ?

Now, it seems three of five couples went down in flames. As Soap Dirt reported Brandon Reid filed to get free of Taylor Dunkin the day after the MAFS season premiere. SD also reported Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben split on the big “decision day”. Finally, we covered a recent leak on Michael and Meka with the less-than-stunning news that they’re done as well.

On a happier note, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd paint a more positive picture on current social media. A leaked photo shows the pair snuggled on a couch watching Married at First Sight. So, hopefully, these two will have a happy ending. As for the other couples, watch to see them fall apart Wednesday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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