‘Married at First Sight’: Keith Manley Says MAFS Made Him into a Better Version of Himself

Married at First Sight cast member Keith Manley had a rough go of things with Iris Caldwell on the Lifetime show. But, he won a lot of fans over with how cool, calm, collected, and patient he was with his wife. He recently revealed some interesting things about his life living in self-quarantine.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley Wants to Travel

Like other Married at First Sight stars, Keith Manley is stuck at home during this COVID-19 lockdown. He said he wants to travel as soon as quarantine lifts. And, he certainly seems to have cabin fever. With all this going on, he answered some Married at First Sight questions as well.

Keith Manley told his Married at First Sight followers that he is in a “funk”. So, it looks like he does what he can to get himself out of it. Overall, he kicked back with some music on. And, it seemed like a relaxing time with his MAFS fans.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley

MAFS: Keith Offers Insight into His Mentality

Married at First Sight experts paired Keith Manley with Iris Caldwell on their season of the show. As a virgin, Iris needed a husband that would be patient with her. At least for a while, Keith was that man. On top of that, even though things ended in a split for the pair, Keith won a lot of watchers over with what a genuine guy he seemed to be on-camera. And, that definitely seems to carry over off-camera as well.

While talking with his Married at First Sight fans, Keith dished on his mentality and how he carries himself. He encourages the kids he mentors to “think decisions through”. And, to not respond “off emotion”. These principles certainly make sense when thinking about how Keith Manley handled himself with Iris Caldwell. He never blew up at her and was certainly a gentleman throughout their time together.

Building on those things, Keith Manley said he always thinks for himself and trusts his gut when it comes to dealing with situations in life. Moreover, he added that “adversity is when you become your best self”. And, it looks like he certainly did that following his split from Iris Caldwell.

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley

What’s Next for Married at First Sight Celeb?

Meanwhile, even though Keith Manley’s  Married at First Sight marriage to Iris didn’t last forever, it looks like he has no regrets about appearing on the Lifetime show. When asked him if Married at First Sight made him into a better version of himself, he said “without a doubt”.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like he currently sees anyone. He said he is still in Charlotte. But, it’s likely the COVID-19 crisis and resulting quarantine put a damper on his love life. He said he is open to children in the future, though. So, that’s certainly something to watch for if he finds a new lady love soon.

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