‘Married at First Sight’: KC Osborne Says Yes to Babies with Michael Goonan

Married at First Sight‘s KC Osborne says she would have babies with now-boyfriend Michael Goonan. But only if he’s a good boy. The couple was on MAFS AUS but they were not together on the show. And fans were shocked to hear later that they are now a couple.

Married at First Sight Australia: KC Osborne Dated Niall Horan from One Direction

After KC Osborne did her Q&A session with Married at First Sight fans, and they expressed their shock. After saying she would have babies with Michael Goonan, why would she talk about dating Niall, fans wonder. She told fans that she went on two dates with him “back in the day.”

KC Osborne and Niall both follow each other on Instagram. A fan asked if that was okay, but that post and reply were deleted pretty quickly. Some viewers wonder if Michael was getting a little upset over the excitement over the boy band member.

Married at First Sight: KC Osborne - Michael Goonan

It’s All Love and Roses

Ever since the season finale in Australia, this Married at First Sight couple has been showing off. They post adorable photos for fans and talk about how amazing each other are. On the show, Michael Goonan was with Stacey, but even after some heartfelt vows, it did not work out.

Despite the negativity on the show and the drama between different people on the show, it seems like at least two of the people that came to find love got what they wanted. Both KC and Michael and Seb and Elizabeth are head over heels happy they met through this crazy experiment.

Married at First Sight: KC Osborne - Michael Goonan

Married at First Sight: Does Michael Goonan Want to Have Babies?

While we got the dish from KC Osborne that she would have babies with her boyfriend, we still aren’t sure about how he feels. So far, it has been radio silence on the baby front from the Goonan camp. What we do know from what KC says is that Michael has a crazy insane work ethic. She says that he inspires her to work harder.

Is making a baby hard work? And is it work that Michael is ready to get at with his girlfriend? The couple from Married at First Sight that airs on Lifetime at 10:05 pm is only 31 and 28, so they have plenty of time to figure out when they want to have kids.

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