‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Ready for COVID Wedding

Married at First Sight‘s Katie Conrad didn’t find love with Derek Sherman on season 10. But she recently entered into an engagement with her new man, and she’s ready to have a COVID wedding.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Says Yes to the Wedding Dress

Katie Conrad of MAFS said that she is so happy about her engagement. And that she found the perfect dress and her wedding date is in June. Fans wonder how things will work since she is from D.C., and they are under serious lockdown.

Fans think Katie might have her wedding in a sunnier and less lockdown prone area like in her new Gulf Coast location. In fact, she didn’t have a mask on in her photo, and it looked laid back. Viewers said they couldn’t wait to see if this wedding is nicer than her Married at First Sight wedding.

Katie Conrad said yes to Brandon three weeks ago, and her ring is absolutely gorgeous.  Viewers of Married at First Sight said their engagement was pretty quick. There was a mix of emotions from fans about her pending nuptials, but most people gave them their congratulations.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad

Katie Conrad Enjoys Fun on the Water

Married at First Sight star Katie was happy to find someone she could get along with. One of the problems she and Derek had in their marriage was his “lack of focus.” Katie Conrad thought that he had too many things that he wanted to do and couldn’t focus on loving her.

Now Katie Conrad of Married at First Sight and her fiance spend a lot of time on the water with their dog. Katie said that she would have never thought this would happen a year ago. And that she is so thankful that she has him in her life.

Lifetime’s Katie said that she learned how to drive a boat this last year. And that there were other things she learned even though 2020 was tough. She reflected on her year and looks forward to the wedding that isn’t far away.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad

Married at First Sight: Reflecting on 2020

Katie Conrad of Married at First Sight said she experienced a lot of good times. Besides learning how to drive a boat, she said she had more great times in 2020. One of the things that got fan attention was that she went to Hawaii with a bunch of girl friends.

Married at First Sight celeb Katie also noted her recent move to the Gulf Coast. And fans said it seems like she’s living her life normally despite the pandemic. In fact, she even said she spent more time with loved ones than ever.

One thing fans did approve of is that she spent more time outdoors. And that she picked up some new hobbies while many things shut down. Whatever the case, it seems like Katie is ready for a new life with her new man.

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