‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Talks about Derek and her Pesky Ex in Our Exclusive Interview

Married at First Sight cast member Katie Conrad (wife of Derek Sherman) talked to Soap Dirt. And, she shared some inside info on her experience on the Lifetime program. While an ex tempted Katie and had her doubting if she’d walk down the aisle, it’s smooth sailing since then.

Soon, the couples head back to real life (with reality cameras in tow) back in DC. So, how will Katie and Derek do once the honeymoon is over? See what Katie Conrad told us about Derek Sherman and her time on MAFS.

Katie Conrad Tells Soap Dirt About Her Married at First Sight Experience

Soap Dirt Magazine (SD):  What scared you most about coming on MAFS?

Katie Conrad: The scariest thing for me was the uncertainty of how this whole thing would change the trajectory of my life and not knowing how my husband [Derek Sherman] and I would connect and feel about each other.

SD: What’s the overall takeaway you want Married at First Sight viewers to know about your time with Derek?

Katie: There’s really no way to be fully prepared for everything. We’re just normal people with emotions and even though this [Married at First Sight] is what we signed up for, that doesn’t mean we’re 100% prepared… [it] can be really overwhelming and difficult to process while also trying to navigate and develop this new relationship and marriage.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Derek Sherman

Katie Speaks Out on Expert Advice and How MAFS Changed Her

SD: What advice from the Married at First Sight experts helped you most?

Katie Conrad: The best piece of advice that I took from the experts was from Dr Viviana [Coles]. She talked to me about picking and choosing my battles when it comes to my marriage. And I thought that was a really important lesson to learn when determining what’s really important in my relationship with Derek and what is actually worth arguing about.

SD: How Has Being Married At First Sight changed you?

Katie: MAFS taught me so much about what it is I’m actually looking for in a relationship and in a man. And what my values and priorities are when looking for a partner. Going into this and answering all the interview questions, you think you know what you want. But then, when going through the different activities and assignments from the experts, it really got me thinking in ways that I was able to realize what’s important to me and what’s not.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Derek Sherman

Married at First Sight’s Katie Conrad Reveals First Impression of Derek – and Whether He’s Right for Her…

SD: So, did you vibe Derek from the moment you saw him at the altar?

Katie Conrad: When I first saw Derek, I was really excited because I thought he was physically very attractive. But knowing myself and my history in relationships, it takes a lot more than physical attraction for me… So, I was unsure how much weight that physical attraction would hold moving forward in the marriage.

SD: What would you change about your Married at First Sight hubby if you could?

Katie: One thing I would want to change about Derek would be his experience with relationships. I was really nervous after hearing he didn’t have much relationship experience and had never been in love. Having been through difficult relationships and being heartbroken before, I felt like those experiences taught me a lot of important life lessons and helped me figure out who I really am, and I wished he had those similar learning experiences to grow from.

SD: Is your Married at First Sight husband Derek the right type of man for you?

Katie Conrad: I go back and forth between thinking Derek has the potential to be the right man for me and thinking there’s just something missing and not right that is lacking… It’s really tough to determine if you’re having trouble connecting due to the circumstances of marrying as strangers or due to just not being a great match emotionally and intellectually.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Derek Sherman

Katie Conrad Shares What She Likes (and Doesn’t) About Derek Sherman

SD: What was the first thing your spouse did that you really liked on Married at First Sight?

Katie Conrad: The first thing that really caught my attention with Derek and that I really liked was that he asked my Dad for his blessing in marrying me. Getting Married at First Sight, getting to meet my parents and ask my dad for his blessing before getting engaged or married wasn’t an option and I really liked that he thought that was important and did it anyway.

SD: What was the first thing your spouse did that you really didn’t like while on Married at First Sight?

Katie: The first thing that I noticed I didn’t like with Derek was that he asked to split the bill during our first time grabbing drinks together… I do believe women and men are equal and I don’t expect the man to always cover the bill. And, I like to be the one to treat the guy every now and then — I still want a  gentleman who offers to pay the first time.

I thought especially since we just met and were now husband and wife that he would want to make a good impression on me or impress me and offer to pay, but that’s not how it went and I didn’t like it. I knew that would be something we could address later [on Married at First Sight].

Married at First Sight Wife Katie Talks Money Matters & Career Differences

SD: Do you or Derek earn more money – and has money been an issue during your MAFS experience?

Katie Conrad: Derek makes a little more money right now. When finished with grad school, I will have the potential to make much more. While money isn’t something I make a top priority… I do really like that Derek has a stable job and can be a provider or at least an equal partner moving forward in our life together and when thinking about one day starting a family.

SD: As a mental health professional, does that affect your relationship on Married at First Sight?

Katie: Having experience in the mental health/counseling field, I’ve been able to learn a lot about effective ways to communicate with different types of people and in different kinds of scenarios. So, I felt like this prepared me for some of the obstacles Derek and I had.

But there were still times with Derek where [it] felt like we just preferred different languages. [We] seem to express our feelings and thoughts very differently and often have opposing perspectives. What we both truly to focus on is how we meet in the middle.

Katie Conrad

Katie Conrad Talks About “That Ex” Everyone’s Buzzing About on Married at First Sight

SD: Are either you or Derek jealous of past relationships?

Katie: I don’t think either of us expressed any jealousy of previous relationships. I think Derek was a little bit jealous when I told him about the feelings I had for another guy [that ex that gave her second thoughts!] prior to getting Married at First Sight, but the fact that I was so transparent with him about it and came to him and told him, he said that made him feel reassured that he didn’t have anything to worry about and it wasn’t an issue for us moving forward.

SD: What strains your Married at First Sight relationship most?

Katie Conrad: The biggest difference between Derek and I is definitely the kinds of goals we prioritize. And what we see as being realistic in our future. I tend to be more of a realist and a planner. While Derek is more of a dreamer and is spontaneous. I like to put a lot of thought into things while Derek sometimes needs help staying on track and being focused.

SD: Tell us something you want Married at First Sight to know…

Katie: Between the five of us couples, it can be difficult to… show every single interaction between us. So, sometimes things go unseen… Or don’t get enough time to show how a situation developed or how it all played out. Although the filming process is very extensive, we aren’t on camera 24/7 and do have time to interact alone.

So, get ready for life back in the real world. As Katie Conrad and her husband Derek adjust to their new reality after the honeymoon. MAFS airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

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