‘Married at First Sight’: Karen Slammed by Fans Over Miles Williams ‘Red Flags’

Married at First Sight’s Karen is getting some flack from fans over statements about Miles Williams and red flags. One of the things she said on a recent episode has viewers of MAFS in an uproar. It seems viewers think she’s hard on him.

Married at First Sight: Karen Says She See Red Flags With Miles Williams

In a recent episode, Miles Williams shared with Karen that he has clinical depression. He also told her what to expect from him. And fans watched her face switch from listening to serious concern on Lifetime’s MAFS.

In the Married at First Sight confessional, Karen said that she saw red flags. From the way they edited the scene, it seemed like she meant that his depression was a problem for her. Whatever the case, viewers didn’t think it was a very understanding thing for Karen to say.

In fact, they thought Miles was very brave to share this burden on reality TV. And they didn’t like Karen’s reaction when cam-talking. Now, Karen’s speaking up to clarify what she meant after the Married at First Sight fan reaction.

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Karen Clarifies Red Flag Comments and Mental Health

Given all the backlash, Married at First Sight bride Karen gave a statement to Madame Noire. She said looking back at that episode, she’d give herself “the side eye too.” Karen says she knows the moment looked bad. She said she thought it was “really amazing” that Miles Williams opened up to her like this after they’d been married such a short time.

Also, Married at First Sight‘s Karen said she was “proud of him” and offered a “ton of support.” It doesn’t seem like Lifetime opted to air those moments, however. Miles Williams’ wife also said she and members of her family attend therapy and thinks it should be “normalized in the African American community” but is not at present.

So, Karen from Married at First Sight also said her expectation about Miles Williams’ masculinity is not about his mental health. She said that she didn’t mean to offend Miles and reiterated that mental health and depression are “not a red flag.”

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Married at First Sight: Anonymous Friend Talks About Miles’ Wife

According to source MAFSfan, a friend of hers said that Karen isn’t as she seems on the show. On the Lifetime show, some fans think she comes off boring and dry, but her pal says she isn’t that way in real life. The friend said they don’t know Karen and Miles consummated the marriage. But, they said they didn’t think Miles would say yes on decision day if they didn’t get physical.

Karen’s alleged friend also said they don’t think Married at First Sight cast member Miles is as mature as he thinks he is. And they also mentioned that the taping went longer than normal because of COVID-19 and self-filming in quarantine. The unidentified friend of MAFS star Karen shared more, saying that they didn’t think Karen and Miles would have made it if production was there the whole time.

Instead, they said it was likely Miles Williams and Karen would split with Married at First Sight cameras on them. The friend said she didn’t feel like Karen could be herself with camera crews around. Another thing they said was all the questions were too much for the new wife. Plus, her old-fashioned family didn’t support her decision to marry in this way.

Now, though, the source says her family accepts Miles Williams because he proved himself. The source said Karen didn’t want to open up in many ways that production wanted her to. And that made her shut down sometimes. So, we may see more of Karen locking up her emotions in scenes with Miles Williams. Watch as the MAFS season continues.

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