‘Married at First Sight’: Jamie Otis Ready to Be ‘Done with It All’

Married at First Sight‘s Jamie Otis said she is ready to be “Done with it all.” It seems like she is dealing with more than what she wants to handle right now with two young kids.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis Makes a Move

Not long ago, Jamie Otis from Married at First Sight moved from New Jersey to Sarasota, Florida. Instead of white Christmases with snow, they traded it for white sand. Now Jamie and her husband, Doug Hehner, are fixing their New Jersey house so they can sell it.

Married at First Sight star Jamie said it’s almost complete. And that she loves how it looks and almost doesn’t want to leave it now. Despite loving how the house looks now, she said she can leave and just fix up her new house.

MAFS fans shared their excitement for Jamie Otis. But it does look like she is getting a little overwhelmed with everything. And that’s what lead her to say she was done with it all.

Married at First Sight: Doug Hehner - Jamie Otis

Jamie Is Over It

Married at First Sight celeb Jamie Otis said she had to get her face on. She had to tape a commercial for the Lifetime show. Not long ago, they did a special commercial out in Los Angeles. But it seems like they need more content.

Whatever the case, Jamie said she doesn’t really feel like doing it. She said that she didn’t think that the network would want her to look all wild on their show. And that’s why she put makeup on for the commercial.

Jamie Otis from Married at First Sight said she would do it but wanted it to be over with. And that her desire was to get back in her pajamas to snuggle on the couch. And fans said that Jamie looks amazing both with and without makeup.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight: Enjoying Florida Bliss

Jamie Otis and her family from Married at First Sight go back and forth from New Jersey to Florida. But it doesn’t look like Jamie has any regrets about moving to the Sunshine State. In fact, she said that she could definitely enjoy the sand and sun for Christmas from now on.

Married at First Sight celebrity Jamie Otis said she loves waking up to her kids and husband in Florida. She also said that she feels like she is more confident than ever. She does her best to be more body confident and said she is doing well.

It’s not uncommon to see the family enjoying time at the beach. Viewers said they are happy the family is able to enjoy their time together. And are happy they like their new location despite Jamie’s fatigue with being on television.

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