‘Married at First Sight’: Jacob Harder Editing Victim? – Says He’s Not Obsessed

Married at First Sight‘s Jacob Harder said he was a victim of production and editing. Some fans think he might get in trouble due to his NDA, but it doesn’t seem like he cares.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder Obsessed with His House?

Jacob Harder of Married at First Sight talks about his house a lot. But he said that he doesn’t talk about it as much as it looks like on the Lifetime show. The producers showed him talking to his mother-in-law about his house at the reception and at the brunch.

Fans of MAFS point out that the brother and father might not have heard what he said. Talking about the editing process is one of the things that are a big no-no. And viewers hope Jacob doesn’t get himself into trouble spilling the tea on the topic.

Married at First Sight husband Jacob Harder said he did a lot of the work on the house himself. And fans think it is good that he is proud of the work he did. But some think he did talk about his house a little bit too much.

Jacob Harder purchased his 2,3000 square-foot four-bedroom home in East Cobb county Georgia for $275,000 in July of 2019.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder - House

He has since made a lot of improvements to to his house.  When the Soap Dirt photographer visited his home, there was a large AT&T truck in front. So, it seems that one of the Married at First Sight stars new improvements could be high-speed fiber internet. Certainly something he would enjoy for his gaming.

Jacob’s Fun Personality Under Wraps

Married at First Sight star Jacob Harder has done a lot of fun things in his life. But the show makes him seem like a loner with love for his house. It doesn’t seem like Jacob likes how they painted him on the show.

Jacob Harder from Married at First Sight said he hadn’t traveled around the world. When Haley Harris started talking about all of her far off travels, some people worried that might be a problem. But after finding out Jacob traveled a lot throughout America, they started thinking it might not be such a big problem.

Married at First Sight fans rooted for him and Haley to make it, but it seems like they are off to a slow start. Most of the conversation seems a little surface and even boring. Viewers say that is strange since Jacob has a lot of interesting things he’s accomplished in his life.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder

Married at First Sight: Not a Boring Guy

Lifetime’s Jacob Harder showed off his love of working out and nutrition. But Married at First Sight didn’t say anything about his competitions. They said things about his gaming and love of the 80s. But, the show didn’t portray how he enjoys going to music festivals and gaming events. Jacob and his buddies enjoy going to concerts, like Metallica when they come to Atlanta.

Married at First Sight fans said the editors might have given him a bad edit so far. But hoped that the coming episodes would reveal some of the cooler things about him. Whatever the case, fans say they are rooting for Jacob Harder.

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