‘Married at First Sight’: Jacob Harder Catches Haley Harris in Obvious Lie

Married at First Sight‘s Jacob Harder felt hurt and betrayed, and he wasn’t afraid to call Haley Harris out on it. But even when she got caught, she didn’t seem to think it was her fault.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder Confronts Haley Harris

Jacob Harder from Married at First Sight was nervous about the marriage. But Lifetime fans could tell how much he liked Haley Harris. Unfortunately, it was also obvious that their 10 year age difference was the cause of some problems.

It wasn’t only the age difference that made some waves in their Married at First Sight relationship though. Haley was very social and has about 30 close friends. But Jacob is more of a loner and doesn’t seem to need to talk to people constantly.

Married at First Sight husband Jacob Harder told Haley Harris he caught her not having “girls time.” And that he knew that all of the other husbands were there too. So, he said that it was obvious that she just didn’t want him there with her.

Married at First Sight: Jacob Harder - Haley Harris

Haley Strikes Back at Jacob

Married at First Sight wife Haley Harris said she and Jacob Harder did consummate their marriage. In fact, she said, he was there, and they were in a marriage, so why not? And then she said, “It happened.”

When Jacob called her out on her lie, she said that she felt a disconnect. And that something was missing in their relationship, but she didn’t know what it was. Jacob Harder said he knew what was missing in their relationship – it was her.

Married at First Sight fans said they felt so bad for Jacob because he seems like such a nice guy. But in the end, they faulted the experts for trying to match these two. And they said that they could only see their relationship going downhill from here.

Married at First Sight: Haley - Jacob

Married at First Sight: Did the Experts Make a Major Fail?

Fans of MAFS said they didn’t think either Haley or Jacob was a villain in this situation. But they said the experts did miss a lot of obvious signs that they wouldn’t work. One point they noted was that Haley liked to go out a lot, and Jacob liked to stay in most of the time.

Viewers said they understand that couples can pull the best out of each other. But they thought the Married at First Sight matchmakers missed it on this one. Haley had a more adventurous side, and Jacob wanted to hang out at his house and remodel.

Whatever the case, Married at First Sight husband Jacob Harder feels betrayed. And their move-in day doesn’t look like it’s going well.

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