‘Married at First Sight’: Iris Promotes Dating App – Looking for Keith Replacement?

Married at First Sight cast member Iris Caldwell is the new spokesperson for a dating app – is she looking to replace Keith Manley? Iris got the rough end of the deal when Keith threw in the towel on Decision Day. But, it looks like she may not be single for long. What’s the scoop?

Married at First Sight: Keith Manley Blindsides Iris Caldwell on Decision Day

Despite some issues in their marriage, Iris Caldwell wanted to be Keith Manley’s wife on Decision Day. But, Keith had other plans for his future. Iris was crushed when her husband turned her down. And, many viewers wondered what she would do following that disappointment on national television.

Meanwhile, it turns out Iris and Keith still go through the divorce process to officially close the books on their Married at First Sight journey. Iris Caldwell let slip recently that she waits for Keith Manley to sign the divorce papers. And, according to what she revealed, it shouldn’t be long before she’s officially single again.

Married at First Sight: Iris Caldwell - Keith Manley

MAFS: Iris Promoting Dating App?

Turns out, Married at First Sight wife Iris Caldwell may find Keith Manley’s replacement sooner rather than later. Iris promotes a dating app online. And, she may find her next catch with it. As an added bonus, the app specializes in helping Christian users find others to connect with.

Religion is a big part of her life. And, she made a big deal about being a virgin on Married at First Sight. Her white wedding dress symbolizing her purity was a major part of her storyline. And, it’s something that eventually cost her the relationship she had with Keith. But, it’s possible she finds a man that appreciates that on the dating platform.

The dating platform brands itself as a way to connect people with “shared values”. And, in terms of what Iris Caldwell wants for her future, she may find that with someone new. If and when she finds a new man is definitely something to watch. Especially as she moves closer to finalizing her divorce with Keith.

Married at First Sight: Iris Caldwell

What’s Next for Married at First Sight Celeb?

Since splitting from her Married at First Sight hubby, Keith Manley, Iris definitely focuses on herself and doing her own thing. She posts a lot of model-quality snaps online. And, she gained a lot of followers after everything she went through on the popular matchmaking show.

Iris Caldwell definitely puts religion first in her life. So, it certainly makes sense that she’d promote a platform that helps Christian singles find other like-minded people. She recently did a live video online with a pastor from California. And, the duo discussed what religion means to them.

Meanwhile, if she does find someone new, the odds are good they’ll share the same values. Ultimately, her lack of life experience was too much of a deal-breaker for Keith Manley. But, hopefully, she’ll be able to connect with someone more compatible at some point.

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