‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Ashley Petta and Anthony Say Parenting Changed Them

Married at First Sight celebs Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico recently dished on how becoming parents changed them. And, they spoke with SD about their MAFS journey.

They are a fan-favorite pair and one of a handful of Married at First Sight success stories from the arranged marriage show. They haven’t always seen eye to eye. But, they continue to find ways to make their marriage thrive. What did they reveal?

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta & Anthony D’Amico Tell What Fans Don’t See

Soap Dirt (SD): What’s something you’d like Married at First Sight watchers to know that isn’t shown on TV?

Ashley Petta (AP): “[Married at First Sight] fans only see a very small part of our lives. There is usually so much more to a story, there just isn’t enough time to show it all”.

Anthony D’Amico (AD): “You will never catch me eating a piece of salmon. No way, no how. I’ve tried it a bunch of different ways and have not been able to like it. Sorry, world, I feel like I’m one of the only people out there who doesn’t like salmon. (Ashley [Petta] doesn’t like it either.)”

SD: Do you still fight as a Married at First Sight couple? What do you usually argue over?

AP: “Yes! We have our fair share of arguments but we typically get over them quickly. We usually argue over silly things. The latest argument we had was over who gets more sleep”.

(AD): “A better question would be what don’t we fight about? [As a Married at First SightWe’re no different than any other married couple at this point. Responsibilities, future plans, money, decor and all the little dumb things that you laugh about after you’re done with the fight”.

MAFS: Anthony and Ashley Talk Filming – Offer Advice to Other Couples

SD: What’s the best advice you got from a Married at First Sight expert?

Ashley Petta: “The best advice I got was from [Married at First Sight expert advisor] pastor Calvin Roberson. He told us not to discuss our marital issues with our family”.

Anthony D’Amico: “Your business is your business, don’t spread what’s going on in your marriage until you’ve both figured it out first”.

Advice from the Married at First Sight Lifetime Couple

SD: What advice do you have for current and future Married at First Sight couples?

AD: “Leave your past in the past, don’t bring it into your new marriage. Walls down!”

AP: “I would say just be as open-minded as possible – be yourself and have fun!”

SD: Was there anything that took you by surprise when you watched your spouse’s confessionals on Married at First Sight?

Ashley Petta: “Yes, a lot of the issues Anthony [D’Amico] spoke about in his confessionals he never brought up to me! It caused a lot of tension in our marriage when our season aired”.

Anthony D’Amico: “Yeah, I didn’t realize how much she cried during the process.” [Laughs]

Married at First Sight: Anthony D'Amico - Ashley Petta

Married at First Sight Duo Dish on Becoming Parents – Clear Up Misconceptions

SD: What’s the biggest way becoming Married at First Sight parents changed you?

Anthony D’Amico: “I thought I had a big heart but having Mila really showed me where my heart was. There is no love that can match the love you have for your kids. Having kids completely changes your perspective on life and your goals”.

Ashley Petta: “It has changed my priorities and the way I look at life. Things I used to think were so important just aren’t anymore. My number one priority now is making sure my family is happy and healthy”.

SD: What’s the biggest misconception you think Married at First Sight followers have about you?

AP: “I have no idea! I try really hard not to worry about what people think about me”.

AD: “That I didn’t want kids. I absolutely wanted kids. I would’ve liked to have kids in my late 20’s but what can I say? Life happens. I just wanted to get to know my wife before having kids. We didn’t have years of knowing each other so we had to learn about each other quickly”.

SD: What’s the one question you’ve never been asked in an interview that you wish had been asked?

AD: “Who’s more competitive and who wins more?”

“The answer is me and me, but Shhh…don’t tell Ashley [Petta], she’s currently racing me to finish this interview!”

AP: “Who really won the bag game (cornhole)?”

[Laughs] “I’m still not over that! It appears that Anthony [D’Amico] won but I totally did”.

Married at First Sight: Ashley Petta - Anthony DAmico

What’s Next for the Pair?

Ashley Petta and MAFS husband Anthony D’Amico are still very active with Married at First Sight. The couple appear on the now currently-airing limited reality series Couples’ Cam. In addition, they also react to new couples on the Lifetime show.

Anthony D’Amico and wife Ashley Petta had their share of struggles while filming MAFS and the Happily Ever After spinoff. But, since then, they’ve certainly found ways to make their marriage work. And, it’s worth watching what they do next.

Catch fresh episodes of Couples’ Cam, every Wednesday night on the Lifetime channel.

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