‘Married at First Sight’: Elizabeth Bice Viciously Attacked

Married at First Sight‘s Elizabeth Bice (Jamie Thompson’s wife) was attacked recently and she shared her harrowing experience – including some shocking details.

Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice Survives Vicious Dog Attack

MAFS spouse, Elizabeth Bice, shared some shocking news recently. It turns out, Elizabeth and her fur baby, Dharma, were attacked by a pit bull. Married at First Sight celeb Elizabeth added that she is still “in shock” over the whole thing.

Meanwhile, she added that she suffered a few broken bones in her hand. But, she said her dog is safe and successfully out of surgery following the attack. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bice thanked her Married at First Sight hubby, Jamie Thompson, for all he did to protect his family during this ordeal.

Thanks to Jamie’s quick thinking on the scene, he prevented the situation from getting even worse. And, Jamie really stepped up in this critical situation.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson - Elizabeth Bice

Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson Steps Up – Protects His Family

According to Elizabeth Bice, her spouse, Jamie Thompson, did some “super human sh**” during this crisis. And, Elizabeth said she looks at her husband “way differently” after Jamie acted so quickly to get her and her dog out of a life-threatening situation.

The Married at First Sight wife added that Jamie got to them “so fast”. And, that she is “beyond lucky” to have both of them to wake up to after everything that went down. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bice added that her little family is “strong”. And, that this will only make them stronger.

Moreover, she said she doesn’t even want to think about what might’ve happened if Jamie wasn’t around. Then, Married at First Sight fans and cast members chimed in with their thoughts. Even though Elizabeth and her pooch endured something horrific, fans are glad they’re okay.

Clearly, she’s lucky Jamie Thompson was around to keep the situation from escalating into something much worse. Meanwhile, even pastor Calvin Roberson offered his thoughts. Pastor Cal is glad that both Elizabeth and her dog are “good”.

In addition, he praised Jamie Thompson for really stepping up and protecting his family. Meanwhile, Beth told the Married at First Sight expert that his advice hit her “so hard”. And, that she finally gets it after going through this situation.

Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice - Jamie Thompson

Lifetime MAFS Couple Bond Over Ordeal

Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice haven’t always had an easy road during their Married at First Sight union. They got into huge arguments during their season of the Lifetime show. And, it wasn’t long ago that she and Jamie considered throwing in the towel and calling it quits for good.

But, they stayed the course. And, it’s clear after this recent tragedy that their bond is stronger than ever – and, that they step up and band together when it counts. Meanwhile, it’s likely this event brings them even closer together as a family.

So, that could be one silver lining to come out of an otherwise horrible situation. Luckily, both Elizabeth Bice and her furry friend are well – and Jamie Thompson’s there to watch out for them.

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