‘Married at First Sight’: Coming Twist Has Fans Making Wild Predictions

Married at First Sight cast of season 11 are about to walk into Decision Day with a huge twist producers say has never been done on MAFS. And fans have some pretty wild predictions about the twist coming on the Lifetime show.

Married at First Sight: Amani Messing with Woody Randall

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Woody Randall told Amani he wouldn’t talk to her if she said no on Decision Day. Amani didn’t like how he said that, and fans think she might mess with him on DD. But others think she knows better than to set off Woody’s temper on purpose.

One viewer of Married at First Sight said, “Amani will say she wants a divorce. Woody will lose it and walk off. Then she’ll say she’s just playing.” Fans said that Woody would take a while to recover from that, so Amani better not do it. Others said the preview of Amani saying she wanted a divorce about gave them a heart attack.

Woody Randall and his wife Amani are one of the two couples people are rooting for the most. But they aren’t sure if their marriage could stand up to it if Amani plays games with Woody’s heart. He’s already told her how sensitive he is about things.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani

The MAFS Couples Fire the Experts

Another funny one is that the Married at First Sight couples get rid of the experts. At least a few of the couples in the last seasons might agree this needs to happen. In fact, SD recently reported that a judge granted Brandon Reid an annulment. This is the second annulment in the history of the show.

Fans of Married at First Sight think that experts are purposefully mismatching a couple of the spouses. They think they are trying to give more drama to the show. But others think the people that come to audition are good actors and dupe the experts.

Either way, Married at First Sight viewers say the experts need to get it together. Having such a low success rate with the marriages shouldn’t allow them to be called “experts,” some fans say. But it seems like everyone is still ready to watch and see what happens on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight: Dr Pepper Schwartz - Pastor Calvin Roberson

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey & Christina Hooked Up

One fan of Married at First Sight said they thought Brett Lindsey and Christina hooked up after Brett moved out on Olivia. They said it could have happened when Christina said she moved her friend all night. Others quickly said they thought the same thing.

Another viewer said that Christina could finally have a real home. After all, that was a big reason why Brett and Olivia had problems. She didn’t want to move to his home, and he didn’t want to leave it.

Whatever the case, it seems like it’s over now since SD told viewers Christina now lives in Mexico. And viewers of Married at First Sight know Brett Lindsey won’t leave his house behind.

Wait to see what’s the big MAFS twist and if any of the fan guesses are accurate.

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