‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams Slams Jamie Otis & Doug Hehner

Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams is tired of getting slammed and decided to do some slamming of his own against Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. Jamie and her husband from MAFS season 1 were on the receiving end of Chris Williams’ rant.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Says Jamie Otis Was Worse to Doug Hehner

Chris Williams from Married at First Sight called Jamie Otis out for her treatment of Doug Hehner. Jamie Otis had said, “Paige, no one would blame ya if you wanted to RUN. I feel so bad for the mess you’re in. Girllll, you deserve so much better.”

MAFS husband Chris couldn’t keep silent on Jamie’s comment and lashed out. He asked, “Did anyone tell your husband to run when you embarrassed him on national TV, crying and pouting like a 5-year-old while still in your wedding dress at the altar?”

Then, Chris Williams went on to say that no one could ever do anything worse than what she did to Doug Hehner.

Chris was talking about the time on Married at First Sight Season 1 when Jamie Otis first saw her husband, Doug Hehner, and said she wasn’t attracted to him.

Chris Williams of Married at First Sight also dug at her “failed stints on The Bachelor.” He did say that Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s story was a great one. And that she should give a little more grace due to her behavior.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Otis

Fans Lash Out at Chris Williams as They Defend Jamie & Doug

Married at First Sight husband Chris Williams didn’t get to say his piece without getting backlash. Fans said that Chris didn’t act “graceful” in what he said to Jamie Otis. And that he should shut his mouth because everything that comes out of it is trash.

Another Married at First Sight fan shared their outrage over Chris Williams’ comments. They said that Chris also embarrassed his wife on national television. In fact, they said that what he did to Paige Banks was even worse.

Married at First Sight viewers said they couldn’t believe Chris Williams used to be a pastor. And they said that he should feel shame over his actions. And that he shouldn’t have even been on the show having just gotten out of a relationship.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Fans Giving More Slams

Chris Williams might have thought what he said would give him some sympathy, but that’s not the case. Many people said they couldn’t believe he raised his head up about the issue. And that he shouldn’t say anything about Married at First Sight wife Jamie Otis and hubby Doug Hehner.

Some fans said that his bullying and manipulation were too much. Chris came back and said, “I’m a grown man, and I don’t have to zip nothing.” He went on to say that the fans looked like fools because they didn’t know anything.

Chris Williams said that the truth would come out in due time. But Married at First Sight viewers said they didn’t think it would be good for him.

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