‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Williams and Wild Fan Conspiracy Theory – Did He Cheat?

Married at First Sight‘s Chris Williams has Lifetime fans on edge with his on-scene actions.

And, many fans came up with a wild conspiracy theory about what took place. There are always MAFS theories on the internet, but this one is blowing up.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams Dupes the Experts?

Chris Williams said he was ready for love and told the experts everything he wanted in a wife. Out of the many people that applied to Married at First Sight, they chose him. And if the experts didn’t know what he was like, like they say, then it seems he may have duped them.

More than just not showing his true colors, fans think he planned to use the show for publicity. Some Married at First Sight fans believe Chris was still with his fiancee when he applied. And they think he made a deal with his fiancee that he would not “get together” with his wife but still use the show to get attention.

Married at First Sight viewers think things went downhill when Paige Banks told his parents about their private bedroom time. And they think that is when the baby mama drama started.

MAFS fans say they hope the experts didn’t know, but they think Chris Williams did Paige and his fiancee wrong if this is true.

Married at First Sight: Chris Williams

Chris Williams Makes Up Terrible Excuses

Fans of Married at First Sight said it would make sense if he was still with his ex. He kept saying he wasn’t attracted to Paige – but he obviously was. Some viewers have said that his parents might even have known about his continued relationship.

Chris Williams of MAFS kept saying that Paige wasn’t his “type.” But many people said they see the way he looks at Paige Banks. And that isn’t the look of someone that doesn’t feel an attraction. Chris wants to invest in real estate and flip homes, and Paige is a real estate agent. If that isn’t a match made in heaven, then what is?

Married at First Sight viewers said they believe Chris got in over his head. And then his other woman got upset with him when he started taking things seriously. Whatever the case, viewers don’t think Chris will be able to pull himself out of this hole.

While the fans came up with this wild theory, some fans are arguing that getting married is a long way to go for publicity. Especially, publicity that will probably make you look bad.

It was said by a fan that Chris seems to be the type that bounces around from woman to woman and job to job, so going on a reality show to get married might be just the type of impulsive decision he would make to change his life.  Chris Williams still has some supporters that think he was looking for love.

Married at First Sight: Paige Banks - Chris Williams

Married at First Sight: Worst Husband Award?

Many die-hard fans of Married at First Sight said they’ve seen bad husbands in the past seasons. But that Chris Williams takes the cake. In fact, some people say that it seems like Chris tried to win an award for being the worst husband.

Viewers also called Chris out for his big talk about his businesses. And now SD reported that his restaurant is closed, and he just got evicted from his Subway store. Fans said he gave some fancy talk, but they don’t think he is a Married at First Sight winner.

In fact, some fans said that the other husbands were bad. And then Chris said, “Hold my beer.” Some people even started using the hashtag #Justice4Paige because of the terrible match.

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