‘Married at First Sight’: Brandon Reid Blows Up, Bails, and Proves Why He’s Not Invited to Tell-All

On Married At First Sight, Brandon Reid can’t contain his rage at everyone,  including production on the reality show he’s on but forgot about. So, at the marriage retreat in the country, things go from bad to worse. Bradon’s full-scale meltdown involves a tussle with production yet again. Then, Katie Conrad tries to make it all about her and ruins a perfect round of tequila shots. Plus, Jessica Studer comes prepared with her own crockpot and a back-up alarm clock. And, Meka Jones opts to sleep alone after Michael Watson ignores her. Let’s see how this slow-cooking drama boiled over at the disastrous retreat. MAFS airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Brandon Reid’s the King of Passive Aggressive Antics on Married At First Sight

Clearly, Brandon Reid’s coming undone. And is it really a surprise? Taylor Dunklin isn’t ready to be a wife – that’s obvi. But she keeps Brandon hanging on so they can finish out the show. With Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben out for good, the remaining four head out to a couple’s retreat. Really? This place, while very nice, looks like the setting for a campy Married at First Sight horror movie. And guess what? It does. With Brandon Reid playing himself as a big a*s baby.

On the ride out, Brandon Reid’s already miffed at Taylor. It seems she went to see friends in DC last night and never came back. But, Tay dropped a text that she was crashing at a friend’s hotel room. Because Brandon is an expert in passively aggressive behavior, he puts his headphones in and sleeps on the way there, ignoring Taylor asking him what’s wrong. Brandon Reid’s sulking continues once they arrive, and he is rude to everyone before stomping inside on Married at First Sight.

Brandon Fights With MAFS Production and Bails

Later, on Married At First Sight, Jessica Studer puts everyone to task making tacos. What kind of vacation is this? Most reality shows involving 20-somethings together with unlimited alcohol and a whole house to themselves usually end up with some sexy stuff happening. But not with this gang. A round of tequila is as good as it gets. But pouty Brandon Reid refuses tequila and tacos. And Michael Watson pilfers tortillas into his backpack so he can make breakfast burritos in the morning.

Later, Michael and Brandon Reid sit on the porch and bond in their misery. Inside, a secondary melt-down builds but more on that later. Yes, it’s you, Katie. Taylor comes out to the porch to find Brandon drinking out of a red solo cup and acting like his usual self. An angry distant d*ck. She crawls on him, but Brandon pulls up more evidence that she went out with friends. She doesn’t deny this, but things get heated, and she calls her Married At First Sight boo a b*tch.

Then, Brandon Reid asks for the cameras to stop rolling. When the producer tells him they can’t do that, Brandon takes off his mic and proceeds to continue to drink, swear, and insult production. Taylor proves that she is indeed just here for attention by forcing him into an argument in the bathroom. Married at First Sight production breaks it up but lets Brandon Reid stay in another room. It’s unclear why they didn’t escort his a*s out of there ASAP.

Katie Needs Attention And She Needs it Now On Married At First Sight

Brandon Reid seems to want to destroy all fun had by the MAFS couples. But, Katie Conrad needs him to hold her beer. On the way there, Katie starts her weekly whine-fest. She tells Derek Sherman that her college boyfriend never wanted to spend time with her. And now she thinks he won’t either. Um, have you heard yourself, Katie? The couple arrives first, and picks out the biggest and best room. After all, Katie needs space for her drama queen meltdowns.

While the girls chat outside before taco hour, Katie gives no f-ks what Jessica or Taylor says. She turns every Married at First Sight convo into her whining that she does everything while Derek initiates nothing. Not even in the bedroom. Perhaps because you have his manhood in a jar by the bed. Then, Derek makes the mistake of sitting next to Taylor at dinner and being in a good mood. He even jokes around and flirts. Katie flips out, and runs from the table. Derek stays put, and Jessica and Meka run to her side.

The gals try to make her feel better on Married At First Sight. Katie returns to the table but leaves again after realizing that no one is paying attention to her. Derek runs after her, and she’s mad that he hasn’t initiated sex. Derek sheepishly says that she’s on her period. She yells that married people have sex even when Aunt Flo’s visiting. She runs outside and tells him that he only acts like a weirdo and a loser in front of her. And then crumples under the covers and calls it a night. Derek, it’s okay, no one’s blaming you for not surfing the crimson tide.

Jessica and Austin Make Their Bed Amidst The Chaos

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd are second to arrive at La Casa Chaos on Married At First Sight. Jess has even brought her own crockpot for the weekend get-away. Just in case she gets the urge to make a rump roast after tending to chores like making the bed. It’s like Austin is secretly married to an eccentric aunt who gives everyone pajamas at Christmas. She tucks them in at night and says, lights out, leading Austin to utter “night-night.”

Jessica tells Married at First Sight producers that she feels bad for sharing personal details with the others. She blames herself that Katie left the table during the Mexican meal massacre. Honey, please. Katie will use any excuse to get attention and remind Derek of what a loser he is. It really had nothing to do with you. Austin still hasn’t said I love you to Jessica. He needs more time. But Jessica says as for right now she’s all in on decision day.

Married At First Sight: Katie Conrad - Brandon Reid

Michael and Meka Social Distance All The Way to Separate Rooms on Married At First Sight

Meka Jones is annoyed five minutes into the trip to the retreat. Shocker. Michael Watson says he’s looking forward to watching football with the guys. And not providing receipts or proof of employment to his wife, who’s like a human DMV. Not the right answer Michael. Then, Meka attempts to have fun at dinner and even does a shot. Michael spends the evening outside with Brandon Reid. When he finally comes in, Meka tells him she’ll be sleeping alone.

In the morning, Michael plans to ride back to DC with Brandon Reid and the production van for Married At First Sight. He’s had a death in the family and needs to take care of some stuff. Meka is in the kitchen, eagerly helping fry sausage links and smiling.  It all casts doubt on her breakfast-hating stance. And proving even more that it’s just Michael that she can’t stand at any meal. Outside, Brandon Reidpulls some kind of stunt by locking himself in the producer’s vehicle.

Michael tries to talk sense into him, but Brandon takes off down the driveway on foot, still swearing. Michael casts one last look at the gang enjoying eggs and tries not to be bitter. Later, Michael returns alone. He even helps make dinner. Jessica questions him on what they did. He uses the Zach Justice technique of talking in circles and giving strange timelines and no facts. Meka flips out, and he excuses himself. But they still have potluck mac and cheese on Married At First Sight.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Derek Sherman

Stolen Golf Carts and Ghosts Round Out The Retreat

The gang partakes in some excursions on Married At First Sight. Derek and Katie make nice, and he wins her back by stealing the keys to one of the golf carts. This is to prove to Katie that he’s a bad boy down deep. She grabs the keys, and they drive off. She even calls the activity hoodrat s*it. Hate to break it to ya, Katie girl, but the contraband crockpot has more street cred. Jessica and Austin tour some sort of caverns where rocks light up.

The most interesting field trip goes to Taylor and Meka, who sit in an attic with two people and an old model car remote looking for a paranormal experience. A voice from beyond says they miss their wife. The girls are freaked because they know it’s definitely not coming from either of their husbands who are in DC drinking craft beer at Brandon Reid’s work. Truth hurts girls. Be sure to watch Wednesdays at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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