‘Married at First Sight: Australia’ Poppy Gets Cold Feet Post-Wedding – Will Single Mom Ditch New Hubby?

Married At First Sight: Australia saw Poppy Jennings marrying Luke Eglin. Plus, Josh Pihlak and Cathy Evans got hitched. While things went smoothly for Josh and Cathy, we saw Poppy freak out at the reception. But later, the single mom decided to give it a go. Let’s break down how it all went down in the first episode of this Aussie import. You can watch the show Wednesdays at 8 PM on Lifetime.

Meet The Aussie MAFS Cast – Not What We See on US Version at All

Married At First Sight: Australia starts with the guys and gals at respective mixers the night before the first two weddings take place. These ladies look like the real housewives down under. There hasn’t been this much botox and fillers in one place since the last plastic surgeon convention in Las Vegas. The guys are a bit rougher around the edges and mostly into downing beers and fist-pumping.

While the ladies bond on Married At First Sight, they vow to not shag each others husbands or bring each other down. One says she’s not a threat to anyone’s husband because she’s gay and there seeking a bride. After a bit of awkward silence, the ladies cheer and clap for Tash Herz. So, she wonders aloud if one of them is her bride — and gets a collective “nooooo” from the group on Married At First Sight.

Poppy Gets Cold Feet After Saying I Do To Luke on Married At First Sight: Australia

Poppy Jennings is the first lady the experts match. We see that Poppy’s been through quite a bit. She has a set of adorable twin boys who are only two.  But the twin’s father (her ex-husband), left Poppy when the tots were just six weeks. It turns out he dropped the bomb that he had a side piece while she was breastfeeding their sons. Funny Poppy Jennings calls the twins c*ck and block because men assume she’s not available.

The Married At First Sight experts decide to pair Poppy Jennings with Luke Eglin. As for Luke, he’s a single father but with two teen girls. Luke says he’s a positive guy and wants a family-oriented woman. So, the experts think Luke Eglin’s a perfect match for Poppy Jennings. Then, Poppy tells her friends she’s about to marry a stranger while Luke confides in his father and sister. As the Aussie wedding begins, Poppy looks confident. Then, Poppy Jennings and instant-fiance Luke Eglin exchange vows before excited family and friends.

Afterward, Poppy Jennings freaks out during the photo shoot. Poppy’s upset she left her boys. But, Luke Eglin is patient and calms her down. Next, Poppy melts down again at the reception and leaves Luke hanging. Poppy’s friends take her outside and talk over her fears. So, Poppy Jennings returns to Luke Eglin’s side. And with the help of several glasses of champagne and a heartfelt apology, Luke and Poppy get on with the post-wedding celebration, as seen down under on Married At First Sight.

Married At First Sight: Australia - Poppy Jennings

Josh Is Literally The Man Of Cathy’s Dreams on Married at First Sight

Next up on the Married At First Sight Aussie aisle walk is Josh Pihlak with Cathy Evans. Josh is a good- looking, self-described former party boy who’s ready to settle down. The experts match him with Cathy. She is equally good looking but suffers from self-doubt. It seems she was cheated on in past relationships. She also suffered a Tinder nightmare. The dude canceled her as she was in the car with him.

Then, Cathy gets ready to marry a stranger. She has some specific physical traits in mind. So, Cathy’s overjoyed when she sees Josh at the altar. He’s exactly what she was looking for in a man. And, she even dreamed her Married At First Sight: Australia hubby would be named Josh. After a lovely ceremony, the two head to the reception. There is a spark between them. So, it seems her dream’s coming true.

But Cathy’s insecurities creep in, and she tells friends she thinks Josh into her but isn’t completely sure. Meanwhile, Josh tells his crew on Married At First Sight that he’s very much into Cathy indeed. So he tells her, and that’s all the assurance Cathy needs. So, the first two weddings seem to go off without a hitch. But it’s early yet.

You can watch MAFS Australia on Wednesday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime. Additional episodes air Thursdays at 9 PM.

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