‘Married At First Sight: Australia’ Hottie Hayley Too Much For David’s Family To Handle

On Married At First Sight: Australia, four more couples tied the knot – we saw David Cannon mad attracted to edgy bride Hayley Vernon, but his parents weren’t so sure. Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef, the first same-sex couple, got off to a good start until some bridesmaids saw red flags. Vanessa Romito’s raging insecurities put a damper on a lovely wedding with Chris Nicholls. And Natasha Spencer and Mikey Pembroke hit it off at the altar despite doubts from her friends. Let’s check out what happened as the Aussies said I do. You can catch MAFS: Australia Wednesday nights at 9 PM on Lifetime.

Hayley Vernon Makes An Impression On David Cannon – Married At First Sight: Australia

Hayley Vernon is a 32-year-old stockbroker. It’s easy to see why the experts say Hayley owns any room where she walks. The tall, fit, gorgeous Aussie has no shortage of confidence. But things weren’t always this way for edgy financier Hayle Vernon. For starters, Hayley came from a broken home and turned to drugs as a teen. After being kicked out of her home at 17, Hayley Vernon abused drugs for many years. Then, Hayley saw a bodybuilder on Instagram and got inspired.

So, Hayley started training and getting fit and turned her life around. Next, Hayley Vernon signed on to Married At First Sight because she wants a family. Hayley wants the in-laws, kids, barbecues, even a dog. The experts match her with David Cannon, a tall MMA fighter and combat sportsman. David had a spinal injury that ended his fighting career. Now, David drives a truck and lives on a farm with horses and other animals.

David Cannon hits it off with Hayley Vernon at first sight. David admires her fitness, and Hayley likes that he is tall. David’s parents are another story. David’s mum, in particular, seems put off by Hayley’s edge and tattoos. But, Hayley makes it a point to greet them and get to know them. David Cannon explains that his mum is just a bit sensitive. So, Hayley Vernon decides to hold off coming clean about her addictions. We see David has a great time at the reception with his bride. It looks like things go a little crazy next week for David Cannon and his new wife on Married At First Sight.

Tash’s Bridesmaids Get To The Bottom Of Amanda’s Vows

The experts are excited to match the series’ first same-sex couple on Married At First Sight: Australia.  Down there, the government legalized gay marriage in 2017. Amanda Micallef’s a 34-year-old personal trainer who describes herself as a combination of hard and soft. And she’s fiercely loyal. She says she’d take a bullet for her loved ones. Amanda came out to her parents at 21. But being part of a conservative European family made it difficult.

Meanwhile, Tash Herz is a stunning bartender also looking for love. People have described her as the illegitimate love child of David Bowie and a vampire. Despite her good looks, Tash finds it challenging to meet other women. However, she gets her fair share of male attention in her line of work as a bartender. Now, Tash wants to find love and someone on whom she can depend. The experts on Married At First Sight decide the two women will be a perfect match.

Amanda is struck by how hot Tash is as she heads towards her at the altar. They definitely have chemistry. Amanda mentions something in the vows about a “mistake”. The new couple is enjoying their newlywed bliss at the reception. But Tash’s bridesmaids think something’s off. They question Amanda about her “mistake”. She admits that she was still involved with an ex when she signed for the show. Of course, they tell Tash. Amanda reassures Tash that she is her future. We shall see as the season progresses on Married At First Sight.

Natasha Likes Mikey In Spite Of Friends Doubts on Married At First Sight: Australia

Natasha Spencer is a successful business woman. She’s not willing to sacrifice her beauty or her brains because of what a man thinks. Her dad worked a lot in her childhood. So even though they are close now, she felt a void. Lately, she’s been dating older men but finds they just want arm candy. And she wants more than that. She needs someone to respect her as a whole and appreciate her success without being intimidated.

The Married At First Sight experts see Mikey Pembroke as a good match for her. He grew up in an affluent family and had a big heart. Plus, he’s close to Natasha in age. He helps run his family’s personal care home – and is super family-oriented. Mikey confides to his older brother that he’s ready to do this. As the guests gather, Natasha’s friends weigh in on Mikey. One says there’s no way she’ll like him. They think he’s too young-looking and seems innocent.

But on MAFS: Australia, Natasha feels differently. She cracks a joke before the vows and the two are at ease. She’s glad he’s not old and finds him smart, caring and perfect. Mikey finds Natasha beautiful, and they seem to hit it off. Especially when Mikey’s brother introduces him as a renowned dancer. Then, he busts a move (actually several) on the dance floor. Natasha cheers on her groom and these two are off to a great start.

Will Vanessa’s Insecurities Ruin Her Shot at Love?

Vanessa Romito signed on to Married At First Sight for love, of course. She struggled her whole life to find unconditional love. We learn Vanessa battled acne most of her life. And she admits she has painful insecurities about her skin. So much so that she only goes on dates at night when her skin won’t be as noticeable. Her best friend, Toobi Lee, will be her maid of honor. Vanessa calls Toobi the most inspirational person in her life and says his confidence rubs off on her.

The experts match Vanessa with 37-year-old single father Chris Nicholls. Chris works with disadvantaged youth. So, they feel he’s got the patience to deal with Vanessa’s insecurities. Chris is dad to two boys. He gets emotional, saying it’s difficult not to be with them full time. While it’s not what he planned, he copes the best he can. Chris is ready to give love another chance. He wants to share his life with someone and calls himself a protector.

Vanessa is nervous on the way to her Married At First Sight wedding. As she walks the aisle to her mystery groom, he turns around. Their eye contact is brief. And Chris looks down. So, she thinks he’s not attracted to her. Chris admits he feels awkward and tries to be respectful when it’s time for the kiss — which Vanessa again takes personally. Then Chris drops the bomb that he has two kids. Will Vanessa stick around? Till next time.

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